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The Ethel Matrix (3 to 7 FFA)
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A pretty impressive first map. Similar in terms of both layout and style to Junior Jr's first map, Ignorus Hyperborean. There is very open central room to the map from which various rooms and corridors circulate. You'll spend a sizable chuck of your time in here as well since the MH and RA are in there. The MH is well placed since it is pretty hard to protect due to that areas very open natural.

Architecture is good, if a little plain. The q2 wall texture seems to have been used a little too much. It is broken up by a panel type texture but its colouration is a little on the green side. Teleporters are textured in the Dapak style but their shape is different. There isn't anything particular fresh or new looking here, its just a solid map.

Ray includes a cryptic comment about the Quad in the readme file which bamboozled me. the most obvious route to the quad may not be the most efficient. I have to admit getting the Quad does require a little bit of skill because the wall along which you pass is slanted outwards and if you hit it you fall down. To me it just seemed like proper placing and timing of your jump would net you the Quad. Maybe Ray could explain?

Dropping in some bots provided some really good action. Its very easy to navigate. Bots seem to hug the ground floor a lot which was good because you could grab the Quad and let rip. Both 1-on-1 and FFA are fun. I did play 1-on-1 against a human opponent and that was also very interesting. We'd keep swapping on who had the Quad so kills would come in quick bursts.

Don't forget the Omcrion route file, provided by Skorpion


Download Here (293Kb)
NotoriousR.A.Y. aka Ray O'Neill
Author Site
Reviewed : 05/09/1999

#1 Quad
by Gilt 17/10/2000 - 16:20:18 (
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The simpler way to get the quad is to literally jump through the teleporter beside the LG. I found that out by just playing countless hours on it. A really fun map.

#2 owned!
by NotoriousRay 17/02/2001 - 01:17:35 ( Refers to post #1
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cool! gilt rules! you found what paul obviously couldn't!

#3 L33t RouTe To THe QuaD D000D!!
by Fr3n 22/02/2001 - 10:06:18 (
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Now if only the goatshagging download link worked.

#4 /me humps the map
by Electro 13/01/2002 - 21:33:51 (
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omg omg... *cream*

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