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Suggestions/Problems with MPQ
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If you have any questions or suggestions about the site then here is the place to comment.

#1 whot? no screenies?
by excessus 15/10/2000 - 19:42:44 (
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i suppose youŽll be filling the reviews with snaps of the levels, because otherwise looks a bit disappointing.

#2 dl link for map fat dont work
by Goetzenzar 15/10/2000 - 20:04:16 (
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as i said to vond already, the dl link for the map "fat" (by another russian mapper) is not workin. if u dont have the map, ask me or vond. i can provide webspace too for it.

dunno about other map dl links, but if someone feels bored, test em all :)

#3 -view user list- feature suggestion
by Goetzenzar 15/10/2000 - 20:10:09 (
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sort them by, visits! (paul is on top with 25 visits *g*) (dont ask me now, how i got those 9 visits in short time)

btw, could it be that no "" are possilbe in the comments title ? check that

#4 Good News
by John-Paul 16/10/2000 - 14:59:11 (
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It's good that you decided to come back, missed the mpq, I cried for days after you dissapeared and got very angry with a packet of biscuits.

#5 lol
by Paul 16/10/2000 - 15:20:23 (
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Those poor biscuits :).

#6 top10
by SPeedy 17/10/2000 - 00:55:04 (
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You should base top 10 on users votes ( so add votes feature) Like that one at LVL.

#7 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
by GibFest 22/10/2000 - 08:51:01 (
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DASDM1 is back to haunt me in the worst maps section, I didn't know how to use the editor then, bah, I'll have to make a map now to make myself feel better 8).

#8 Old design
by John-Paul 22/10/2000 - 10:58:58 (
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I fell in love with your last site, the design was quite simply effective and aesthetically pleasing.

i don't want to linger on about the past, but any chance of the old design re-appearing.


The new site is nice too

#9 Gibfest (Big Dave)
by John-Paul 22/10/2000 - 11:13:02 (
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Feels nice to own some wellies, you know the type with little frogs on the front.

Seriously though, you're first few attempts were pathetic, but your latest maps do look quite nice.........ooooh

#10 re : Old Design
by Paul 22/10/2000 - 14:47:47 ( Refers to post #8
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The old design was crap and theres no way I'm going back to it. Sorry.

#11 old design?
by excessus 23/10/2000 - 18:15:08 (
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er... old design wasnŽt exactly crap... it did it work and it did it quite pleasantly, but the new one is far better, more elegant and stylish.

P.S. I was shocked when i logged today and received a welcome shouting: "excessus, you have replies to your comments!". Gee Paul, you are da man. =)

#12 Well youll get another...
by Paul 25/10/2000 - 04:17:39 ( Refers to post #11
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..."excessus, you have replies to your comments!" box now :).

I was never particularly happy with the old design. Lets just say it did its job.

#13 I really have nothing to add...
by John-Paul 26/10/2000 - 18:12:05 (
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I really haven't

#14 beta section
by killazontherun 27/10/2000 - 05:25:59 (
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IMO you need some kinda beta section :) like ..::LvL

#15 re : beta section
by Paul 27/10/2000 - 07:01:11 ( Refers to post #14
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I like the idea of that, but I'm just wondering would there be enough maps being made to make it worthwhile?

#16 Probably
by Asriel 27/10/2000 - 15:01:50 ( Refers to post #15
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I think there is enough maps being made to put up a beta section, and you can always take it down if its not eing used enough.

More maps are half made than fully made (if thats what i think the beta section is about)

#17 DASDM1
by GibFest 31/10/2000 - 09:54:20 (
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put the link up coz I'd like to take a look at that again 8)

#18 Inquizitive
by John-Paul 31/10/2000 - 15:31:24 (
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What the hell is lvl???

#19 Re : Inquizitive
by Paul 01/11/2000 - 04:12:14 ( Refers to post #18
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LvL is map (review) site for Quake 3 Arena maps.

#20 Mapping help required
by Bascule 05/11/2000 - 03:58:23 (
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I don't know if this is the right place to post this (so kick me if it isn't), but I am trying to get Quake to change from one custom level to another whilst playing DM with a fraglimit/timelimit. Most custom maps seem to revert to Start once the linit is reached, but I want to Changelevel to another custom map. Can I do this in Quake (some config or other), or is it built into each map which map plays next?

#21 re : Mapping help required
by Paul 05/11/2000 - 18:09:18 ( Refers to post #20
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Off the top of my head I don't know. I'll ask for you on the news and see what we get back.

#23 U Crazy!
by Angelblat! 20/11/2000 - 15:47:41 (
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Well the review for "BlackPopes" {Cure For Sanity}is way off the mark. This level 1on 1 can get very intense. Layout is A O.K. And the look well much better than some maps. A great "little Arena" Keep up with the level post guyz also. Thanx I love this map.

#24 re : U Crazy!
by Paul 21/11/2000 - 04:17:08 ( Refers to post #23
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I agree its a cool map to play, but it could certainly look better. The styling is a little inconsistent and like I said in the review, the texturing was definitely over used.

Also, you could have made your comments on the review and not in this thread :).

#25 Withhope
by Angelblat! 23/11/2000 - 21:43:17 (
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I see the comment about the infrequency of new updates. i love this site, it seems it has the potential of even surpasing the current quake content of even PQ. Its nice to see sites that are focusing on Q1. I hope your work can pay off in some way. I will make damn sure my Canadian brethren take notice. Thanx

#26 Funny you say that...
by Paul 24/11/2000 - 05:06:48 ( Refers to post #24
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This site used to be on PQ. Unfortunately/luckily (depending on which way you look at it) we had to move.

Anyway, I'm making some site changes so myself, FC and GrindSpire can all add stuff to site without having to get me to upload the screen shots for the reviews etc.

#27 Folks posing as ID Software on your site ???????
by Browser 29/11/2000 - 22:36:44 (
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check POST #4 on this link on your site and talk to whoever posed as an imposter that was supposed to be an ID Software reprentative !!!!! There is a proof of that directly from ID themselves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#28 OOps,linkmissing
by Browser 29/11/2000 - 22:38:28 (
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#29 re : OOps,linkmissing
by Paul 30/11/2000 - 08:26:43 ( Refers to post #28
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The site cgi is cutting off your text since its a bit long. Doesn't matter since I know what you're talking about. I've checked it out.

You have to expect people to post crap. If people are given the option to put in rubbish then they will do.

#30 MPQ Banner 88x31 done ( would be cool )
by QuakeMapDesigner 02/01/2001 - 10:24:23 (
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Hi Paul.

I just finished the banner of 88x31 of your site, to put in my LINKS at my
webpage. If you like it, you can get your own copy of it if you want to add it
with the QMAP one, on the bottom left of this screen.
(check under EDITING area)

Cheer's, QMD.

#32 One great-ish comment from me!
by MisYu 22/07/2001 - 08:19:02 (
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#33 WTF?
by misyu 05/12/2001 - 16:13:26 (
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MisDM13 has been posted twice, one by me (MisDM13 - The Lag Place by MisYu) and second time by... somebody (The Lag Place by Misyu).

Well, I know that our law quaranties us to say and post everything what has been released for public, but I'd like to know everything, what is happening with *my* stuff :)

So, who has submited my map instead of me? :)

#34 wee
by misyu 05/12/2001 - 16:14:38 (
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one by me = once by me
other mistakes = not mistakes either


#35 The mystery map submitter...
by Paul 06/12/2001 - 08:37:29 ( Refers to post #33
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...would be XeNoN. I keep track who submits maps :).

#36 worldcraft quake suport
by Stonepony 11/01/2002 - 11:55:40 (
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I just found out Qonverge lets you map for quake with worldcraft3.. it's a pain and I can't make vis work though. The guy who made it mentions somone somone hacked worldraft 2
"A few clever people managed to hack Quake support back into Worldcraft 2 (it only involved changing a few resources in MSVC), but Worldcraft 3 has seen no such progress."

Sooo anyone know where to get that Worldcraft2 with quake suport?

#37 Thanks
by Stargazer 17/01/2002 - 07:50:24 (
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Paul, huge thanks for MPQ! in 1999 this site inspired me mapping... Thanks a lot!

#38 I'm a little tired, but...
by xen 11/02/2002 - 09:02:53 (
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Where's the bit on this site which explains how to do custom code in posts, like links and stuff?

And about the map submitting... rumbled! Well, I was at college and bored one day; had nothing better to do. You may also notice two maps by another author I added too :)

#39 Re : I'm a little tired, but...
by Paul 11/02/2002 - 12:49:21 ( Refers to post #38
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>custom code in posts

There isn't any. This was my first attempt at doing a dynamically controlled website and as such I didn't particularly wanna do lots of stuff. Actually getting it to run was an achievement. Also I don't really want to look at the code for this site again since it’s a mess :). One day it'll be redone.

>And about the map submitting... rumbled!

Which maps?

#40 so you mean...
by xen 12/02/2002 - 10:37:38 (
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<b>It's just HTML?</b> That's a relief, although I suspect this post will turn out like shite anyway. Bah...

And the map submitting was refferring to the few posts above, I threw in Tymodm1&2 too as he doesn't appear to be active within Q1 anymore.

#41 /me scrolls up
by Paul 12/02/2002 - 14:31:13 ( Refers to post #40
Go to top of page  
Oh yeah, that was like 2 months ago :). I had no idea what you were talking about and I didn't bother to check the other maps for your nick on the submit info.

There looks like I did a vague attempt at some HTML parsing but I turned if off. Dunno why the bold tags have come out as text though.

#42 Can someone help
by CK9 30/03/2002 - 12:47:04 (
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I havent been able to find anyone to play multiplayer against. Despite my tries by creating a webssite that hekps people meet eachother to play against, I can't figure how to get people to go to it. If anyone can help me find some one to play against, or knows a way I can get people to find my site, please tell me. My e-mail is [email protected]

#43 how do i play multiplayer quake
by immune 08/04/2002 - 16:25:50 (
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Where do i go to play multiplayer quake online? and how do i get it to run on my computer?

#44 Title?
by Carbine 28/04/2002 - 17:20:33 (
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This site says multiplayer right? well I dont see a place or link where you actually play it! If you really do have a multiplayer site then where is it?

#45 Erm...
by Paul @ Work 29/04/2002 - 12:20:41 ( Refers to post #44
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Yes, this site is/was MultiPlayer Quake because it is about multi-player maps. If you want to play multi-player you either set up a server yourself and get some friends around to play or go find a Quakeworld server to play on. I do not provide that, never have and certainly never will.

#46 How to load .bsp files
by thumblessgnat 14/05/2002 - 17:39:20 (
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Hello all,

How the hell do you load the .bsp map in Quake III. I hit ~, type in \map xxx.bsp and it looks like it begins loading, but goes back to the menu.

What am I doing wrong. Sorry if this is a lame questions, but I want to play some of these awesome maps.


#48 Re : How to load .bsp files
by Paul 14/05/2002 - 18:32:54 ( Refers to post #46
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I dunno whether this is a proper post, but here is an answer. You cannot load them in Q3A since these are QUAKE maps (or Quake 1, Classic Quake, whatever you want to call it). The maps just aren't compatible. You will need a registered version of Quake in order to play them.

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