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guf aka Christian Cummings
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Thank you to Guf for contributing. Here is his interview...

1. What are your top 3 levels that you've made?
I've only released 2 freeware levels ever, so I guess those are my top 2 ;)  The first was a q2 deathmatch level called "A Red SMudge" and the second was a q2 single player unit called "Dark Undergrowth."

File: A Red SMudge (376 Kb)
Game: Quake 2 (DM)
Players: 2 to 4 players

File: Dark Undergrowth* (3995 Kb)

Game: Quake 2 (SP Pak)

* If you have missing texture errors with DU,

2. Why have you chosen these levels.

They're all I got!

3. Which is your least favourite level, if you think you have one!.

The least favorite is "A Red SMudge"... it was a learning level.  It's not so hot, but the process of making it taught me a lot about one of the most important aspects of level design: proportion.

4. What map editor do you use?

Both my freeware releases were built using Worldcraft, but I now use IonRadiant, Ion Storm's version of QERadiant.

5. What level editing tips do you have for other authors?

Build a lot.  Everytime you have some inspiration or idea, fire up your editor and throw your down ideas, or record them some other way, like sketching on paper.  Even if you never actually use the brushwork, you are tuning your ability to actualize the intangible.  Pay attention to what you like and dislike in the games/levels you play.  Get other people to look at your work and critique it.  Have fun, and don't forget to go outside from time to time ;)

6. How long have you been making Quake/Quake 2 maps.

I've been messing with level editors for about 2 years, but only seriously mapping in the last year or so.

7. What do you enjoy about making maps.

The raw act of creation at the beginning of the process is a big rush for me, ya know, taking what you have in your head and making it into something you can walk around in and interact with electronically.

8. What plans you have for the future, with map making in mind.
(Say if you got a job in the industry related to map making).

I'm working on Daikatana right now, and I'm looking forward to working with John Romero on his next game.

9. Which is your favourite game out of Quake and Quake2 and why?

Quake deathmatch is definitely tops in my book, but Quake2 makes for a tiny bit more complex gameplay on the single player side.  They both have their pros and cons.

10. Some self publicity, if you have a website whats it called and whats it address

I "run" a few websites (the quotes are because I haven't had time to work on them since getting hired).  My main website is the Fugue (, which started as a single player level review site but it mutated and now has two subsites sort of within it, the Creonomicon and the Fugue State design group's homepage.  My other "big" site is Blackmail (, which I run jointly with raYGunn. It's sort of a before-they-were-stars type thing for level designers.

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