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Kables Rant On HTML
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Well, it was definately not the easiest website I've worked on getting the new look up and running. I had no problems actually creating the site, far from it, that was relatively easy. But getting it to look good in two browsers was something I hate doing. But I feel it was definatley worth it.

I did a first version of the page and was hoping this version would look good in both browsers. Once I had fixed all the small annoying niggles with the Netscape version I looked at it in IE4. It looked a mess. I hunted around the internet and Paul pointed out that there was a cool feature in IE4 which let you have little frames inside a frame (known as an IFRAME) (Its called a floating frame -Paul). So, I created new blank page and inserted the IFRAME and sorted the links out so it would work. It looked great! And now I could spend time on making sure the page looked good in each browser with out comprimising cool effects for each browser. So I fixed that!

I did a base for each page so Paul could edit it (lazy git ;). Paul spent the next few hours getting everything done basically so the page looked "presentable" while I fixed and figured out other problems (getting rid of underlines, graphics, netscape side bar problems etc). Another problem was the banner, it creates a new code for each person who visits! So, if you have two computers next to each other and they're both linked to the net, if you visit MPQ and see the banner, the banner will be different on each machine (even if you visited at the same time).

If you don't know already, I designed the page using Netscape Composer, this makes it very easy to update. I inserted code like the IFRAME and counter and banner in notepad, very complicated...i think not :)

A few questions that people might be able to answer...

- Why does Netscape Composer ALWAYS insert a space after every sentence? If you try to remove it and save it, it automatically inserts it again! Any ideas on why this doesn't work?

- Is there a TARGET (for loading up new pictures of webpages etc) which will make IE4 load up a new window? Netscape accepts ANY TARGET! (ie TARGET="FART" works for Netscape!). IE4 has to be precise, I've searched all over the net and I can't find a single bit of TARGET code which will load up a new web browser using IE4! Oh well.

- Is there any way of doing floating frames (or IFRAMES) in Netscape?

- Not related to HTML, but are there any good, free plugins for PaintShopPro (eg Eyecandy)?

So, if you can answer any of my questions and any comments on the page or anything in general you can e-mail me here!!

-[Kable]- [E-mail]

-ICQ: 2526227

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