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Tyrann aka Kevin Shanahan
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Thank you to Tyrann for contributing. Heres his interview...

1. What are your top 3 levels that you've made?
'Spare Elbow', 'Aggressor' and 'Eternal Dismemberment Complex'.

File: Spare Elbow (101Kb) 
Game: Quake
Players: 2 to 6 players

File: Aggressor (244Kb)

Game: Quake

Players: 2 to 6 Players

File: Eternal Dismemberment Complex (213Kb)
Game: Quake
Players: 2 to 6 Players

2. Why have you chosen these levels.

I chose 'Spare Elbow' because it's a nice tight map for 1on1 games. You don't get much time to yourself in this map, your opponent is always in your face. It also has a really nice dark atmosphere.

'Aggressor' was the first map I made that got a lot af attention. It's probably one of the most intense FFA maps around - extremely vertical for all the DFA freaks out there.

'Eternal Dismemberment Complex', because I'd say it's my best looking map and it plays quite nicely too - and it took me a really long time to finish.

3. Which is your least favourite level, if you think you have one!.

My first deathmatch map - 'Devourer'. It's just an average Dapak clone.

4. What map editor do you use?

BSP (v0.93b)

5. What level editing tips do you have for other authors?

Practice until it hurts, then practice some more. If you're not happy with something scrap it and try again. This is one
of the hardest things to accept but nearly always, when you make something a second time, it'll be 10x better.

6. How long have you been making Quake/Quake 2 maps.

I made my first map (single player) in January 98.
I took a big break and came back with my first DM map in August 98.

7. What do you enjoy about making maps.

Well, I love playing Quake and it seemed like the next logical step to make my own maps to play on. I love just laying some brushes and seeing what I can make of it. It's also really great when I get mail from other people who enjoy playing my maps.

8. What plans you have for the future, with map making in mind.
(Say if you got a job in the industry related to map making).

At the moment I'm hard at work on some single player stuff for Quake(1). I'll be mapping for the Fat Controller's OUM Pak which should be heaps of fun. After playing quite a bit of the Q3 test I'm pretty sure you'll see some maps for that from me =)

9. Which is your favourite game out of Quake and Quake2 and why?

Definately Quake. Quake2 just doesn't feel right. Quake is just faster, more intense and so much more fun to play. Quake3 looks promising though ;)

10. Some self publicity, if you have a website whats it called and whats it address

Nevermore -

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