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Danimal aka Daniel L. Proietti
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Thank you to Danimal for contributing. Heres his interview...

1. What are your top 3 levels that you've made?
imminent boom (rapture1), den of iniquity (dapak6), and knight takes queen (rapture2).

File: imminent boom (192 Kb)   
Game: Quake 
Players: 2-4 players 

Game: Quake

Players: 2-8

File: knight takes queen (181Kb)   
Game: Quake
Players: 2-4

2. Why have you chosen these levels.

imminent boom -- because it's one big looks so symmetric and ordered, but throw three people in there and it quickly becomes pure chaos.  (side note: this level (afaik) introduced the concept of "marking" weapon and armor placement, which became a trend that is still around today)

den of iniquity -- because it's my biggest map.  it works well for larger deathmatches while still remaining suitable for just two people, due to the (imo) great scaling, layout, and item placement.  oh yeah, and all thos great frags revolving around the central quad platform =)

knight takes queen -- i don't know...i'm just really happy with how this map turned out.  i think it it's my nicest looking map.

3. Which is your least favourite level, if you think you have one!.

i'd say castlemania.  it was my first attempt at map building, and while it turned out to be a good learning experience, it's not a particularly good map.  i think it would have benefited from some ammo and health boxes, of which there are none...the reason escapes me now why this is.

4. What map editor do you use?

i use worldcraft.  right from the start it had an incredibly intuitive user interface and a great set of features.  that works for me.

5. What level editing tips do you have for other authors?

looks -- come up with an overall theme and stay true to it.  you don't need to be hugely innovative every step of the way...use consistency and symmetry to your advantage.

layout -- freedom.  dead ends and areas without enough movement options lead to boring and predictable play.  give the players some freedom and use item placement to guide their way.

6. How long have you been making Quake/Quake 2 maps.

just over two years.

7. What do you enjoy about making maps.

i enjoy the whole process, from the first idea to the final build, and the satisfaction of creating something that makes others say, "that's pretty cool."

8. What plans you have for the future, with map making in mind.
(Say if you got a job in the industry related to map making).

none really.  i would love to eventually end up in the gaming industry, but whether that would involve developing maps i'm not sure.

9. Which is your favourite game out of Quake and Quake2 and why?

although i've been playing quake2 like a man possessed lately, i really would have to say quake is the superior game.  i've played that game for thousands of hours over the past few years and it still gets my adrenaline pumping.  i think quake2 is a great game and it's tons of fun, but it lacks that intensity that makes quake the great game that it is.

10. Some self publicity, if you have a website whats it called and whats it address

i don't have a web site.  i'm not pompous and arrogant like that headshot guy ;)

An extra question which I'd really like to the know the answer to.
11. How did DaPak come about?

well, back in april of 96 dennis and i both entered maps into the QuakeCon map contest.  he took first place with fsdm1, and i managed to squeak out second place with cmania3.  we both congratulated each other and this began a series of emails which eventually led to dennis asking me whether i would be interested in working on a collection of deathmatch maps. the idea was to do it just for release date, no pressure--just good quality, nice looking, kick ass deathmatch maps.  dennis sent me a small map containing different texture sets and architectural elements that eventually became the building blocks of the DaPak style.  i whipped up two small areas using some variations on these ideas and sent them back to dennis (one of these areas evolved into dapak3 -- deja vu).  from there it just progressed...we were both making maps and sending them back and forth to one another for feedback and advice...five months later DaPak was released.  the rest is history i guess.

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