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Jerkoff aka Mike Daugherty
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Thank you to Jerkoff for contributing. Heres his interview...

1. What are your top 3 levels that you've made?
Hmmm... That's a REAL tough one. I'd have to say... Shroud of the Fallen(Q1),  Synthetic Origin(Q1 version) and Envy Flows(Q2).

File: Shroud of the Fallen (189Kb)  
Game: Quake 
Players: 2-4

File: Synthetic Origin (200Kb)

Game: Quake

Players: 2-4

File: Envy Flows (633Kb)  
Game: Quake 2
Players: 3-14 

2. Why have you chosen these levels.

Well, Shroud of the Fallen is my latest map, and I think that it adequately shows what level of designing I am currently at. Synthetic
Origin, because I had a ton of fun playtesting it and I think it's pretty well balanced. Envy Flows, because I didn't want to TOTALLY leave Q2 out. Just kidding! :) Envy Flows was really my first attempt at outdoor areas... and I think I failed miserably. :) But it's real fun.

3. Which is your least favourite level, if you think you have one!.

Hmm... another tough one. :) They all suck! Actually, Reaper's Tomb was pretty bad; so was Singe and Lascerate, for that matter.

4. What map editor do you use?

Worldcraft 1.6a registered.

5. What level editing tips do you have for other authors?

BUILD AND BUILD AND BUILD MORE MAPS! Build some more after that. Then when you're finished, build some more. I can't stress that enough. Practice makes perfect -- take a look at me, I've made around 20 maps... and I still suck!

6. How long have you been making Quake/Quake 2 maps.

Hmm... The first map I released was on 12/28/96... I made several before that. Hmm.. So I'd say I started a month or two after Quake was released.

7. What do you enjoy about making maps.

I love playing them after I've finished them. :) It's also a great feeling to share them with the public.

8. What plans you have for the future, with map making in mind.
(Say if you got a job in the industry related to map making).

I don't think I'd like to make mapping anything more than a hobby. It would be nice to get paid, but gaming can only take you so far in life. :) At least that's MY opinion.

9. Which is your favourite game out of Quake and Quake2 and why?

I believe, though, that Quake2 is TOO realistic. Quake2 is based on a marine who crash lands on a planet and has to SOLELY wipe out the "Strogg". 'How realistic SHOULD you get' is the issue here. When I play Q2, I feel like an out-of-shape short person walking around with a 2 ton hand cannon that shoots rockets slower than I can ride a tricycle. While playing Q1, I feel like an athlete running for my life, armed with a slightly lighter hand cannon, but at least it has the potential to kill someone. Sure, Q2 may be more realistic, but is it more fun? Honestly, it all comes down to preference. Hmm... I have the sudden urge to ride my tricycle.

10. Some self publicity, if you have a website whats it called and whats it address

Its Jerkoff's Levels.

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