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ztn aka Sten Uusvali
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This is probably the interview people want to read. Thank you Ztn, and here it is...

1. What are your top 3 levels that you've made?

Blood Run, Painkiller 1, The Crucible

File: Blood Run (173Kb)
Game: Quake 
Players: 2-4  
File: Painkiller for Quake (276Kb)

Game: Quake

Players: 1-on-1 

File: The Crucible (278Kb)
Game: Quake 2  
Players: 2-5  

2. Why have you chosen these levels.

Those maps provide the flow and action I like most... especially Blood Run. If you look closely, you'll noticethat The Crucible is sort of a mix between the first two... transferred into Q2 environment.

3. Which is your least favourite level, if you think you have one!.

I have never released any map which I don't like...all of my mapshave similar design, yet introduce something new so I don't really have a least favorite map.

4. What map editor do you use?

Worldcraft and QERadiant.

5. What level editing tips do you have for other authors?

Watch that scale, baby!

6. How long have you been making Quake/Quake 2 maps.

I started looking into Quake editing right after the retail Quakewas released...I've been actively making maps for the past 1.5 years.

7. What do you enjoy about making maps.

It's a creative process...and seeing people enjoy playing yourmaps is really rewarding...not to mention all those nice e-mails
I get every day =)

8. What plans you have for the future, with map making in mind.
(Say if you got a job in the industry related to map making).

Keep making free maps as the time permits...and perhaps score afull-time job in the industry. But then plans always take unpredictable turns =)

Ztn has currently has a job creating deathmatch levels for an official add-on pack for Sin.

9. Which is your favourite game out of Quake and Quake2 and why?

A1: Bedroom, wait...mappers don't have girlfriends...
right? RIGHT?

A2: Are there any other games?

A3: Two words: Doom!

I was a little confused with Ztn's answer here so I asked if he could explain it better, heres what I got back:

>Just one thing I don't understand your answers to question 9.
>Can you help me on this?

Don't ask me...I don't know what that means either...Jesus told me to write this stuff =)

10. Some self publicity, if you have a website whats it called and whats it address

Its Ztn's Recycler.

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