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PnF : The Site Hits The Fan... nah not really
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Ok, Iím just going to clear some stuff up about MPQ.

1.The site will be staying as is, Iím not going to delete anything. I'll be updating with some final, final stuff, like this piece of text and Fat Controllers last set of Your Reviews. There is also about 85Mbís worth of stuff up there and I shudder to think how long it would take to delete it all anyway. Last time I tried anything vaguely technical with Cuteftp it took ages, I was moving 25Mbís worth of screenshots from the Reviews section to the Archives section and it took an hour and a half due to Cuteftp shittiness of doing each file individually.

2. Thank you emails. Thank you to everyone that emailed me and put thank youís up on your websites. I appreciate the fact that you appreciated the site =). Its funny though, I only got one bad-ish email and even then the dum fuck couldnít manage to it with any style, have a look for yourself:
Subject:MPQ Closed you ass!
Mark Liew
[email protected]

Admit it, heís good isnít he. I mean I thought up the subject since that was part of the email link, the actual email is just so original!

3. The hole in the community. Yes well, I got a couple of emails from people about this. From people who had maps they wanted reviewing actually. Unfortunately there isnít much I can do. There is the Mapperís Monastery, whether theyíll review user submitted maps though I donít know.

Multiplayer Daikatana in trouble.
Did that get your attention? Good. I found it odd how no one questioned me on that if I left MPQ because Iíd had enough then how could I possibly want to go do the same thing again for a different game. I did give a very lame excuse for it but nothing was said. Weird. Anyway, I thought about it and I donít think I want to go run another MPQ like site. Iíve been speaking to the bloke in charge at PlanetDaikatana about handing the running of the site over to someone else but still let me review a few maps every week. A more back seat approach would suit me a lot better.

Pingu has managed to snafu Peej into redesigning Inspection and giving it a sprinkle of his ASP magic. The drafts we have at the moment are looking very cool and weíre also in the process of grabbing some more peeps to come in and review and therefore fire out more reviews!

The Golden Ace at Cranky Steve
There is a god! The Golden Pounce gets the Cranky Steve treatment. I laughed my ass of reading the two reviews (or should that be slagging offs) that he has.

Next Week
Well this weekend actually. Iíll finish the Fun and Realism rant and put that up to conclude my first column post. Then I can rant on about lots of other daft stuff.
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