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PnF : Paul Gets Pissed...
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Iím a little annoyed. I got this email from Rocketman:


> Sure thing on doing the reviews. Not sure as to whether you'll get many
> people reading them though.

I'm a little puzzled about your comment on the number of people that might read map reviews. Was traffic at mpq falling off? I think there are a lot of kids out there who want to make q1 maps who would like to see reviews. There is already a wealth of stuff up at mpq, but I think that as newcomers make maps, they are going to want to see how they stack up. (even if their first maps are as bad as "saving private ryan")

I assume that the reason you quit is burnout. probably from people bitching about this and that or from sheer workload. am i right? if there is low readership for reviews right now perhaps I shouldn't sink my time into this either.

Also, while inspection and lotw focus on excellent maps by top authors, I think there should continue to be a forum for ordinary maps made by ordinary humans. In my reviews I might consider using some kind of rating system with several scales: I would continue using the 'your review' format, but would not give an overall score my own maps. For other maps i might consider adding these scales, and let the users decide if they like the map.

craftmanship: 0-5 how much (apparent) time the author spent on the map
fun: 0-5 playability / ammo supply / framerate
architecture: 0-5 how good it "looks"
uniqueness: 0-5 is the map a new style, are there new textures, etc.

Thus, a map might be a mediocre map overall, but somebody looking for ideas
on uniqueness might download it because they are into unique maps.


Heres my reply..

> I'm a little puzzled about your comment on the number of people that might
> read map reviews.

What I'm saying is that since MPQ is now closed people aren't going to be visiting the site and so will not be looking at your reviews.

> Was traffic at mpq falling off? I think there are a lot of kids out there
> who want to make q1 maps who would like to see reviews.

Not really, the amount of hits per week was in the 3000 to 4500 mark, which was 1500 lower than it was when Quake2 reviews were around. That for me though was never an issue as I clearly stated in the my column update on PnF about it.

I also think people will not be interested in reading reviews written by you, this is not meant to be rude, but you have a reputation for making not particular good maps. It would be kind of rich you giving out advise on maps when really you've not made anything particularly good. But what do I know!

I did also say I don't think a site like MPQ is needed anymore. People don't play bad maps and people don't bother downloading them so why even bother reviewing them. I think an author should be able to tell if his map is good or not, a simple comparison of whether it is better than id's now decidedly crappy in game maps should help them decide whether its worth releasing their work. Unfortunately people do not do this and still release dodgy maps.

Also map coverage is good enough now that a simple email to somewhere like PnF will get the map mentioned. They will then give a very quick bit of info on it telling us whether its worth getting.

> I assume that the reason you quit is burnout.

Again, I did clearly state on MPQ and in my PnF column my reasons as to why. To repeat myself again, other than a lack of time due to a new job it was because I'd basically had enough of looking at a majority of very average and boring maps. It had become very repetitive and I was basically sick of seeing a continuous stream of average maps from authors such as yourself. I feel very strongly that authors should be able to improve with each map they make and I find it immensely annoying when I see an author who keeps pumping out maps of a very low quality. I just can't understand as to why they do not improve.

Part of the reason I went to such trouble of writing two fairly long pieces of text was because I didn't want to be repeating myself in the emails I got.

Anyway, you can do what you want. I will be removing the links I had on the site because basically I'm a little fucked off with the situation. If all you're going to do is complain then fine do so, but don't bother me again.

Webmaster at Inspection

Probably me completely overacting as usual but Iím a little pissed off about it. How would you have reacted?
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