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PnF : Just A Cotton Picking Minute...
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I kind of feel like a right arse doing this update because I managed to shaft up my column earlier which Peej had to specially fix. This update has a little dig at him...

Seems like I pissed Peej off with my column update yesterday. Just to fuel things further though I'd like to point out some points in Peej's little rant:
Stop bitching about Q3's sucky maps, it's our job to make decent ones when id screw things up.
Yeah ok, and I said :
The reason is because I look forward to seeing some really kick ass custom maps made for it.

wait to see the others, there may actually be a good one in there somewhere
But didn't I say :
I'm hoping there will be a more interesting and varied set in the full game.

One final thing. It would have been nice to see just one technically interesting map. Yes they do want newbies to play it. But in all honesty is a newbie going to download these tests? Erm... no. These demos are only available on the net, so basically its only going to be people interested in id and their previous stuff who are going to download it.
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