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PnF : You cant polish a turd
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You put that in a review and they refuse to publish it. But before I go any further though, a little explanation is in order.

First of all the review was of the wonderfully shite F1 2000 on PC and Playstation. Second, the review was for the readers section on GameSpot.

It came about after having read their review and other readers reviews. Now I thought that since they must have been playing a different game from me Iíd add my views to obviously enlighten people. Adding a review is relatively simple, write up a little bit of text and then pick marks out of ten for various sections of the game (gameplay, graphics, sound etc). Its about 20 minutes of a job.

Unfortunately, they didnít seem to agree with the wording of my review, which really isnít too bad at all (as youíll see), and so wonít put up it up on the site.

Since I went to the trouble of writing it though, I thought I might at well post it somewhere and you tell me whether its that bad to not post it on their site!

Once again EA Sports show that you canít polish a turd. It may have a nice flashy front end (which is the same for all EA Sports games) and the graphics arenít too bad but the overall playing experience stinks.

The general feel of driving is very poor and if it is an accurate reflection of how twitchy and over responsive the real thing is, then I feel sorry for the real F1 drivers. Using a steering wheel is marginally better than the keyboard, but the twitchy, over reactive handling is annoying and is a required art to get to grips with.

Aurally things arenít too bad. The engines have the high-pitched buzzing noise weíve become accustom to hearing over the last few years. The music is also worth mentioning with tracks from Leftfield. Unfortunately the same canít be said of the pit lane commentary, which can get very repetitive. Jim Rosenthal does a respectable job with the pre/post race commentary but he is no match for the combination of Murray Walker and Martin Brundle in the Playstationís F1 series.

You must also remember that the team behind F1 2000, are the same people that made F1 98 on the Playstation, which incidentally is one of the worst F1 games ever! Hence why for F1 99, a new team was brought in to create that particular game. Maybe EA should have checked that out first?

I must say though the tracks are the most accurate Iíve seen in any F1 game before and the level of detail is high. This is also the primary reason I bought this game (but have since returned it) was to see this years new US Indianapolis Grand Prix circuit.

As pointed out by other reviews here, there are no weather effects (which is unforgivable), it dramatically slows down with 21 other cars on track (which I find insane given the spec of my machine, P3-450, 256Mb, 32Mb Geforce graphics card) and you canít save your game part way through a race. Whilst I like driving a 60+ lap race it is nice to take a break and come back later.

This game does have some good points but that most important of things, gameplay really lets things down. If the handling was just a little better then the game could have redeemed itself. All I can then say is that if you like throwing your money away then please do go ahead and buy F1 2000. If you donít though, wait a couple of months and purchase, what will hopefully be far superior, Grand Prix 3.
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