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Pingus Little Old Rant
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Heres Pingu's rant. As always feedback is welcome.

What's happening with games nowadays?

Back in the old days (I'm talking 1993 here.....) I begged my parents to buy me a computer, which they finally did. Not the Amiga I wanted though, some strange thing called a 'PC'. Quite a fierce monster too, 386sx25 with 2meg RAM, 1meg Video, 42meg HD. 'Good for your school work they said'. I smiled back, wondering if there were games available for this oversized box.

There wasn't. So the PC was used either for school work or playing Solitaire, when I wasn't over at my mate's playing Lemmings. Then I registered myself to PC Format and recieved Ultima Underworld. Four months later I finished it. So I played it again.

Then Doom. Played that to death, scared myself witless, couldn't stop. Got an editor and I've never looked back.

Formula 1 GP, rocking game. Ran fine on my baby too.

Lemmings - yay! At last I could break my mouse.


Beneath a Steel Sky.


These games took me ages to play, and had immense reply value. The demo's (that fitted onto one floppy disk) grasped me into buying the full game.

Not a rant in sight yet but I'm sure you've guessed where I'm heading.......

Before Half-Life the last game I think I played that gripped me as much as the classic's I've mentioned was Tomb Raider. The original. The sequel was a bit tedious, the 3rd installment... well, the demo didn't seem much different. X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter - pile of poo. No story whatsoever & that was what kept me playing X-Wing (& later TIE Fighter) because it felt like I was in the Star Wars universe. Not any more. Quake 2. Erm.... Single Player was ok... but come on, I had pent and quad by the time I got to the big baddie at the end & killed him before either had worn off......

So where's the originallity gone from new games? I'm downloading 40 meg demos and deleting them 5 minutes after installing them..... Ouuuu, pretty intro - who cares??? Watch it once go ouuu, watch it twice with your mates..... then search out that escape key.

The Rogue Squadron demo from Lucasarts - very nice, but 1 level???? 46meg D/L and just one level!!1 That last's 5 minutes if you're pants like me and haven't plugged your joystick in. Come ON!!!!

Last game to get a grilling - SIN. I think it's obvious here that someone inside of Ritual got hold of a beta version of Half-Life and realised the only way they were gonna sell their game was to get it in the shops before Half-Life. 3 minute level loads??? Cinematic sequences that are boring as you watch them for the first time.... never mind the third. Yes the levels are good but it's too slow. It feels unfinished.

So I reckon that people should start pulling their socks up. Valve have produced a compelte classic with Half-Life, and hopefully in a few years time it will be looked back on as a turning point for the fantastic games we're playing in 2001. Roll on the millenium....

Alex Moore, aka Pingu.

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