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Follow up Article to Site Closures
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Heres the feedback I got on my original rant, its nothing technical, just a cut and paste job with some daft/intelligent comments from me thrown in.

Ok, just sent u an e-mail asking for a review of Castle, then read rants.






repeat until ur eyes water :)

Blink, blink. Pingu, always the joker!

I have worked on different sites and maintain my own site. My own little site has been up and running for more than a year and half. I feel That the "Quake Community" is all volunteer so therefore no one is under any obligations. None, Absolutly None. That means if any wants to quit, redo, abandon, or all together disappear they can.

I say this because I enjoy what Quake has become and the fun and friendst hat have come from it. I have no hard feelings when the game is abandoned for real life Reasons.

Thanks for the ear
Yours truly
Quake on!
[email protected]

Completely agree. We are under no oligations to do this, we do it in our spare time because we enjoy doing it. If someone can't update because, for example, a drunk driver crashes into their garden then thats fine. (By the way that did happen to me three weeks ago!)

Hi Paul,

Just read your article on dissappearing Quake sites, and I don't have much to contribute as I agree really - I guess my only comment would be that people who run sites should try a bit harder just to do tiny updates to keep tell the public what's going on - something like: "Sorry, no reviews yet. Too busy with Real Life (tm). Played some levels and will try to do reviews in a couple of weeks.". I know an update that simple would take all of 10 minutes max, so I think perhaps site maintainers should make a bit more effort in that way.
Anyway, the main point of this email, since you did mention some single player review sites, is to happily inform you that I opened a current Quake1 single player level review site last week:
Mr Shambler
[email protected]

Good point, you do have to consider though that the reasons may be more than "Too much homework to do, can't update site" I have more personal reasons, but as I mentioned in the original rant Smash left for exactly that reason.

Woo, funny, even though you might not have wanted to be... I say this because I used to try and keep my personal website up to date. For Chissakes, it still has my old frikkin' resume' from before I was even employed... over 2.5 years ago now. Oi, now that I think of it, maybe I'll fix that up, my current employer might get the wrong idea. Hmm...

Well, I hear you, and now that I've joined a Clan online (Harbinger's Clan), our Clan Leader (Malhavoc) informs me that he's got a website up for it ( ... and whoa, it suddenly became an award winning site using dynamic HTML, PHP3, and all kinds of other doohickey's... We got a server running there now too using L-Fire (, and wooha, what a lot of time and dedication it takes JUST to keep a Clan site updated and a Q2 server up and running... and I'm not even the poor guy keeping things updated. I just get to hear Malhavoc say "site updated"..."site updated" two-three times a day... this guy has a real life, is Clan Leader, helps maintain the Q2 server, and manages to keep everything balanced to date. Talk about a lot of work, and I don't think I could do it... So! When you say that if time does not permit, hey, it is cool... Quake is a game, life is life... Keep things updated if you can, I know people will read... but if real life kicks in and, of all things, a webpage for a game suffers a little, I think I'll be of the quiet crew that understands(you never hear from us, because we understand) and waits for the next update. In the mean time folks, let's do something constructive, like frag our buddies and make _them_ wish our favorite webpages would be updated daily so we'd leave them alone... heh heh!

> Karnatos [HARB] (a.k.a. Dean Michaud)

Email: [email protected]

Harbinger's Website:
Harbinger's Q2 Server:

Adverts, seesh. Anyway time is a limiting factor, a website is usually something which is done in a persons spare time. If more important things come up, then something suffers.

I understand and sympathize with you on your points about  dealing with running a website. I have a personal site as well as running sites for two chapters (Diablo and Quake2) of my gaming clan, so I have people after me to update info all the time. Even though I enjoy it, it is time consuming.

On the other hand, I feel I have an obligation to uphold towards these sites. After all, I undertook their creation and maintenance of my own free will. Once in a while I simply have to ask that people be understanding and not nag about an update.

Thanks for all the work you and other sites like MPQ do for us!
Todd "Mr.CleaN" Rose

Your welcome =).

I sympathise greatly with you on your site closure rant as i have been helping on a few sites and its hard to find time for everything. Now I have basically stopped everything including making maps, I am still listed as a webmaster of but i never do anything....hmm. Well just like to agree :) It must be hard doing your job =]
Reach me by ICQ. My ICQ# is 22051407 or,
download ICQ:
 - Jon

Hey I wish I could be a webmaster and not run a site! (joke!)

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