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That Damn Railgun!!!
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Monsto send me this in an email, I've just cut and pasted the email, its pretty funny. Also I like the way he started and finished it with the same three words =).

THE DAMN RAILGUN!!! and the weapon balance thing. I can even point to some statistics to back my claim...

One day about 2 months ago, relaxingly takin some heads to the altar, someone shot me. Big deal. Respawned in someones face, big deal… The guy railed me, big deal…

(FYI… the strongest weap is a thrown gernade which does 140…)

Then I realized that my health was -30. There I was with 100% health, no armor, no positives, no negatives, and a railshot hit me for
130 damage. This is the reason why I hate the railgun is because it is clearly the unbalancing weapon.

"But it takes 3 seconds to reload! That's plenty of balance!"

Bull. Hey I can shoot the railgun. I can pick my targets, and get a good shot off with a 240 ping with about 50% accuracy. Whether I need more or not, the fact is that you'll normally only get one shot. The point here is that is all it takes. One shot, you're dead, brush your teeth and go to bed.

First of all, you can get away from everything else. A smart player can play D and get away from a rl or hb wielding foe. NOONE can get away from that 130 point rail shot to the chest. You will die. The end.

I disliked the Q1 RL for the same reason that you couldn't get away from it, but at least it only did 80 raw points. At least you had a chance. The problem with both these is that no matter how the weapons are spread around a map, it becomes a race to the Railgun. And if it's an lpb, they'll rule the map.

Secondly, it removes the degrees of dying that were otherwise built into the game. I don't understand the thinking behind having a health meter, but including a weapon that can remove all that health AND THEN SOME in one shot. How many times have you spawned and a few seconds later took a rail and you're either dead or wandering around witn 2% health looking for the slightest stim.

Shotgun, nailgun, pistol, whatever... all chip at your health, not only giving you a chance to get away (survive) but giving you a reason to hunt for health and armor. If you're either 100% full health or dead, then there's no reason to even HAVE health on a map.

My damage numbers may be off, but that -30 from the game wasn't. If you're gonna flame or email about this rant, then talk about SUBSTANCE not nitpicky specifics like "thrown grenades only do 138 NOT 140 you stupid idiot. And learn how to spell grenade."

If I wanted to play a game where I died in one shot, I'd be playing 'Berserk' or 'Pengo'. . . or Paintball (=   And unlike most people that complain, my method of doing something about it is building maps that don't have the damn railgun.


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