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#terrafusion stats
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Here are the stats for #terrafusion, which are now split into three sections. The first set are from Vondur who runs Logbot on a 24/7 connection. The second set are from my mirc chat logs, which are kinda biased towards when I go on-line. The final are from a bot adorably called G0atbot which was run by Scampie until some fudgewit banned him and Scampie gave up with it.

For all logs I used mircstats to create the stats with.

Important Note : The language contained in these pages is of an offensive natural and if you do view them then it is at your own risk.

Vondur's #tf Logbot
March 2002
February 2002
January 2002
December 2001
November 2001
October 2001

My stats
March 2002
February 2002 - I've cut down going on IRC, can you tell?
January 2002
December 2001
November 2001 AWOL.
October 2001 AWOL.
September 2001
August 2001
July 2001
June 2001
May 2001
April 2001
March 2001
February 2001
January 2001
December 2000
November 2000
October 2000
September 2000
August 2000
July 2000
June 2000
May 2000
April 2000
March 2000
February 2000
January 2000
December 1999
November 1999
October 1999
September 1999
August 1999
July 1999

G0atbot - #tf log bot
February 2001
22nd-31st January 2001
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