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UKPAK8 Author - Biggus
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1. What problems did you have whilst making your map?

I had to catch up with the rest of the team as I was in the process of making a map for the UKQFFL when the project initially kicked of, so you could say my main problem was time :). I also had problems keeping the R_speeds down in the Quad room due to the way I had constructed it, in the end I rebuilt it a different way which knocked them down from over 500 to between 300-350.

2. Which part(s) of your map are you particularly pleased with?

The rooms I like most and spent the most time on were the Quad room & the RA/RL room.

3. Is there anything you don't like in your map?

Yes, in the RA/RL room I used some Func_illusionary brushes for the stair trims, this stops the jolt you get when you run up the slop and then move onto the stairs, but in GL at certain angles and distances it also gives the appearance of tearing. I Tried various vis and bsp programs but all gave the same result, so I assume the issue is to do with GL itself.

4. Even though there is a standard set of textures used in each map, what have you done to show your individual mapping skills?

I tend to use curves where possible (well, as near to curves as Q1 will allow) This helps to break up the square look in some places but also adds to the R_Speeds so you cant go mental with them.

5. Is there anything you wanted to add to your map, but didn't get chance to? If yes what would you have done?

I would liked to have added some more detail in places, but the maps had to be fast. I set myself a goal of not going over 400 for R_speeds, which, apart from a couple of places, I think I achieved.

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