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UKPAK5 Author - Peej
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1. What problems did you have whilst making your map?

first off was making a teamplay map, as many of you will know i usually make small 2-4 player FFA maps, so a large TP map was a real change. i decided to tackle the problem the same way i usually map, and i think it worked out quite well. i wanted to make a TP map that would hopefully reflect my FFA work but be for a different section of the Quake community. one problem i did have was with the lighting, during testing it when through a lot of changes.

2. Which part(s) of your map are you particularly pleased with?

i like the connectivity, i don't know if it leans well for TP, but i basically designed the map with the plan of having no real corridors. i find that a map whos atriums lead straight into each other provide a much faster and enjoyable DM experience. i know most traditional TP maps have large corridors separating destinct areas of the map, i wanted to make something slightly different, i hope the TP plays of the world like it.

3. Is there anything you don't like in your map?

the lighting. after all the tweaking i did, i still didn't manage to remove those damn shadowy areas by some walls. i would have liked to have spent more time on that problem, but i simply didn't have it.

4. Even though there is a standard set of textures used in each map, what have you done to show your individual mapping skills?

after recieving the inital texture set from Aard, i set about combining various textures from it with some of my fav standard textures. i wanted to make something that felt "UKPAK", but also felt "Peej". i think my mapping style prolly helped with that more than the textures.

5. Is there anything you wanted to add to your map, but didn't get chance to? If yes what would you have done?

i would have sorted the lighting. other than that, i don't think so really, i did add some funky TP style decorations, but these always drop frame rate further than i like, so they went. i know how annoying it is to have high r_speeds on 1on1 maps, but in TP i think it's prolly more important, with the number of rox flying about.

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