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UKPAK4 Author - Aardappel
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1. What problems did you have whilst making your map?

no problems as such, most difficult bits were coming up with good texture combinations and structuring the architecture to fit my ideas while keeping up the speed.

2. Which part(s) of your map are you particularly pleased with?

I think the atmosphere in the YA/GL and also the QUAD room turned out particularly well. Playability wise I really like the low-armour balance in a tp game.

3. Is there anything you don't like in your map?

the HH room didn't end up the way I envisioned, and I didn't have the time to redo it from scratch. In general I would have wanted the map to be slightly more compact.

4. Even though there is a standard set of textures used in each map, what have you done to show your individual mapping skills?

I've used a different set of detail textures that make my map have a really different feel from the others. Also the "garden" bits and the plentitude of water everywhere give it its own atmosphere. As for architecture, I think what my map does different from others is that I attain a high level of detail as part of the core structure of the map, unlike many maps where detail is added as separate decoration brushes.

5. Is there anything you wanted to add to your map, but didn't get chance to? If yes what would you have done?

Like I said one or two rooms I would have redone if I had plenty of time. It seems like the time you spend on a map is almost exponential to its size, and on a big map like this you can keep tweaking bits. I learned a lot still during the months ukpak4 was in production, so I'm sure it would look different if I made it now.

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