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UKPAK3 Author - DaMaul
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1. What problems did you have whilst making your map?

When I was about half way through, my hard drive had a bit of a tantrum and corrupted all traces of the map, leaving me no choice other than to rebuild from scratch. Instead of doing this, I decided to hide in a corner and shiver. After about 1 weeks "hiding 'n' shivering", I noticed that worldcraft had saved an extra copy of the mapfile in a different directory, and lo and behold I was able to continue making the map, and world-peace was hence achieved.

2. Which part(s) of your map are you particularly pleased with?

I like all the bits with nice ceilings. I managed to put quite a lot of detail in whilst still keeping excellent r_speeds (under 450 in all but 2 places i think) And I think the intermission room I put in right at the end is pretty cool too. I also find the secret nailgun that you have to rjump to quite amusing, although I dont think anyone else gets the joke.

3. Is there anything you don't like in your map?

The central atrium room is a bit drab and boring, as I had to remove lots of detail in order to get the r_speeds down. I dont think the item placement is too great, as I actually havent been able to play a proper game on it yet, instead having to rely on my gut instincts. I think there is also too much nailgun ammunition.

4. Even though there is a standard set of textures used in each map, what have you done to show your individual mapping skills?

Although I copied the general texture theme from a test map made by Porky & Aardappel, I was the first to have a good sized example of a finished map, and a lot of the texture ideas which have traversed the entire pak arose from here. Each author has put many new ideas into their maps to make them unique since then, and I have stuck with the original theme. I feel that I was the only person to use the standard set of textures, and everyone else went for originality instead of conformity (blimey those are big words. A few features that I added to my map have been used in a lot of others too, like the ladders & intermission room. I was also going to put a fake quad into the map somewhere to annoy people (as I had done in my previous 2 maps), until I realised Slayer had done the same. I put in a secret nail gun that you have to rocket jump to instead to preserve both the originality and quirkiness ratio.

5. Is there anything you wanted to add to your map, but didn't get chance to? If yes what would you have done?

I originally wanted the rocket launchers to go up and down on their platforms via the gift of lifts. But it turned out that when they respawned they would fall out of the level. So i had to scrap that idea. I also wanted to create an exact replica of the hanging gardens of Babylon, but a nasty little bug in the Quake engine prevents any attempt at recreating any of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

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