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Please note this site is provided just for fun, it's not meant to be fully functional...

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(4) The Ravage II
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Contacting us. Go to top of page

Paul - any problems with the site and questions on reviews.
Fat Controller - general questions on reviews.
DaZ - general questions about Quake and any reviews.

If you need to talk to us in person then via IRC you can try any GamesNET server (Eg:,, etc) and the chat room #terrafusion. We're usually in there abusing the locals.

General Site Help. Go to top of page
So what is MPQ about?
MPQ (MultiPlayer Quake) is a website which reviews any Quake DM map it can get its hands on regardless of quality. We do try to give fair reviews but it has been known for our rather temperamental reviewers to slaughter bad maps. You have been warned!

The idea of this site is to create an archive of most of the Quake maps out there.

How do I submit a map?
Easy. First you must register with the site by creating an account. If you have not already done so click here. Once you have an account it is simply a matter of entering your map details here. After you have done this your map moves onto the Pending Reviews list.

When our reviewers are ready we will write a review of it and post it on the site for all to see.

So I cannot email you maps then?
NO! We hope that this new system works better than the old method of emails being passed about. Also remember that once your map is submitted people will be able to download before a review even appears.

Why do I need an account?
You only require an account if you are to start submitting maps. Also if you do we create a cookie on your computer that will remember your Nick Name and Email address so that if you want to add comments it will already fill in these details for you.

For extra incentive you will then be the only one who can use that nick name and the site tracks how many visits you make and when your last visit was. The Site Stat pages shows the most frequent users of the site.

This is also a help to us here at MPQ to see what people like reading.

What the hell are all those icons about?
- This is to obviously scroll you up to the top of the page.
- This with a number next to it shows the number of comments on that particular post.

Who creates all the Omicron Bot Route File?
Unless otherwise stated the wonderful Skorpion of Skorpion's Omibot Page creates all the bot routes for us.

Ick! I just got some horrible error message out of your site! What should I do?
It could be along the lines of:

Select Review_Link from Quake Where Visible = false and Archived = true

DBISAM Engine Error # 11949 SQL error - Type mismatch between column "Archived" and constant "true" in WHERE or JOIN clause"
(This is an example).

You will get an email address to send this information to but you don't need to. It would be helpful if you emailed me with the details of what you did beforehand.

The site does automatically log errors like this so I can keep track of what is going on.

Is it me or do the positions of the screen shots move each time I view a review?
You're not seeing things. The positions of the screen shots is variable and can be in a few different combinations, eg Top is Left and Bottom is Right or Top is Right and Bottom is Right. It just depends how the site feels at the time :).

I have an excellent suggestion for your site! Who should I tell?
We have a Site Comments thread which is for any questions you might have about the site.

Can I look at the old website?
You sure can, try any of these links to go to the old PlanetQuake website:
Funky Index.
Internet Explorer.

Your site looks terrible in NutShaft, NutScroat, Nutscrape, NetScrape, Netscape
The site was primarily designed to run in Opera which strictly sticks to HTML 4.0 standard. The site also looks good in Internet Explorer. Unfortunately due to the naff table handling abilities of NutScroat Netscape the site looks pretty bad, but the site is still usuable. If there is sufficient demand I may look into fixing it for NetShaft Netscape.

Credits Go to top of page
Paul - CGI Coding, Design and Format.
Kable - HTML Design and Graphics.
Shambler - Testing, general helpfulness and giver of list containing a huge stack of maps to reviews. Its thanks to him the site is back.
GrindSpire - Testing and site colour hating person.
Bal - The French man with the mostest. Testing and another none believer in the colour yellow.
Killer - Testing and general comments.
Yogi - The smarter than the average bears side kick actually likes the colour scheme.
Escher - General Site Comments.
Excessus - The lovable Spaniard also helped with testing.

Extra Credits Go to top of page
Qmap - I stole, erm, borrowed ideas on how that site works for MPQ.

Site Tech Go to top of page
The CGI was written in Delphi using DBISAM for data storage and CGIExpert Components for all the fancy ass html/form output. SQL is used to generate all the output on the site.

DBISAM Database System - Elevate Software

MPQ Design by James Kable Healey.
CGI code by Paul Healey
CGI and Content Copyright Paul Healey 2001/2000/1999/1998
with the exception of reviews which are copyright of the author.
Design Copyright Kable Kreations 2001/2000