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Archived News for July 2001 Go to top of page
A **SWEET** end to Qexpo
by DaZ 29/07/2001 - 12:35:20 (
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Oh my god, what a way to exit the Qexpo week. A DM map of pure brilliance has been released, and you should all play it, yes all of you. Go and download it here, there is also a review on that page too, read it if you like but it will only slow you down :)

Lacrima Christi by Gilt

More Qexpo goodness!
by DaZ 28/07/2001 - 15:24:39 (
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yes Qexpo is still pouring DM goodness into the goblets that are our hard drives!

Ethernaut by Kell
Heart of the heathen by Kell
In the dark decayed by Kell

Dont forget people, if you have released a Qexpo DM map and it hasn't been reviewed here then send me some goddamn e-mails!
[ Qexpo site ]

Qexpo day 4 means more maps!
by DaZ 24/07/2001 - 16:25:18 (
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yes its Qexpo day 4, and lots of DM goodness released today. have a look at :
Cop The Flak by Krust and
Checkerboard by sTiVen.

Qexpo day 3
by DaZ 23/07/2001 - 13:40:32 (
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Day 3 brings us some more DM map loveliness, have a look at :

The Missile Base by E-Werd and

Cobalt Cathexis by Jimbo

Qexpo DM day maps
by DaZ 22/07/2001 - 15:29:38 (
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Surprisingly it has been very quiet on the DM map front today which is odd. However I did find this DM offering for you all, World Of Discs by KrimZon.

I want to SLEEP!
by DaZ 22/07/2001 - 22:19:39 (
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Ok, before I go to BED (its 3:19am here...) here is one more DM review from a map released (you geussed it) at Qexpo. Have a look at the large and fleshy Deceit by XeNoN. I'll be back tomorrow around 8pm GMT with the DM map day reviews, cya then...

Qexpo on FIRE!
by DaZ 22/07/2001 - 20:29:26 (
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OMG! Still only one day into Qexpo and 5 DM maps released already! heres two more for your playing pleasure : Fear for all by Kell
and : The Wasp Factory by Kell.
Well its official "recent DM maps" day tomorrow at the Qexpo site so that will probably mean a LOAD more maps! Rock on :)
Update : Dont forget that if you are releasing a Q1DM map over the Qexpo week then mail me so that I dont miss it out for a review. Thanks all...

Qexpo heat
by DaZ 21/07/2001 - 18:35:52 (
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3 new DM maps in one day... WOW :)
Base of two deaths by Lord Asaki. A great little 1 on 1 map with colored lighting! Enjoy..

More Qexpo DM map reveiwage!
by DaZ 21/07/2001 - 14:25:52 (
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They just keep on coming, here is another Qexpo release, Check out :
The Quad INC. by Dr. Shoe
and : Stinger by CardO

Qexpo coverage starts!
by DaZ 21/07/2001 - 13:40:35 (
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Qexpo has started!

[ Qexpo Site ]

And MPQ will be reviewing all the DM maps released on the site during this week of Quake madness, sorry for the lack of updates recently but I've been very lazy but after Qexpo I will certainly whizz through all the pending reviews, they've been there long enough! :)

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