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Archived News for May 2002 Go to top of page
Cardo loves those cows
by DaZ 20/05/2002 - 17:27:51 (
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But he still prefers sheep. Anyway thats beside the point, Cardo has lovingly provided us with a new review! Bovine Intervention by laerth.


by Paul 18/05/2002 - 15:02:55 (
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Right, here is a list of who is doing what.

Paul... err me
Purple Haze (drazdm7)
Bruce Lee (pinion3)
GomDM5 - Herzblut

PlPak (all of them)
War for Territory (territory)
Violence 2: Dark Cello (v2dc)

Body Count (matdm2)
Full Metal Contact (fmc)

Return of the MasterMind (mmdm4d)

Bovine Intervention (bovine)
Fall of the acrid core (klzdazdm1)

The other maps are free for people to pick and if you put a note on here I'll upate the list of who is doing what.

5 to go
by Paul 13/05/2002 - 16:03:16 (
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xen and Gom Jabbar have written these 5 reviews. A mixed batch of stinkers and good 'uns.
Evil spacehamsters and pink jellyfish by MutantBunny
Hatebreeder by QurneL
WerdDM2 - Cranial Dismemberment by E- werd
Unnamed (remix of yellow snow) by KrimZon
The Limbo Of Broken Ecstasies by Kim Vidal

The really odd one in the bunch is The Limbo Of Broken Ecstasies which is 5 years old, and is one of the few maps I refused to review (about 3 years ago).

If you have trouble downloading any of the maps thats because I've been unable to get proper FTP access to upload them. They will be sorted shortly.

4 weeks to go
by Paul 07/05/2002 - 15:41:46 (
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xen has very kindly chipped in with some of the reviews.
MisDM12 - Terra Nova by MisYu
The Ravage II by ParboiL
Old Crater by ParboiL
Just a quick note regarding The Ravage II. It's a remake (retexturing to be more precise) of The Ravage which is a year older. I'm little bemused as to why ParboiL did it.

I now have my own personal website set up thanks to Sleepy and Vondur. There is some news on my Quake Frontend which will be out this decade. Also the #terrafusion stats have moved there.

The move to PQ is slow going. I have alot of work to do at my end before I put it on there. There is a huge amount of stuff to sort out.

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