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Archived News for May 2001 Go to top of page
I got maps in front and behind!
by DaZ 17/05/2001 - 21:03:18 (
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A jump into the insanity pit by Killazontherun and Pipeline by ParboiL. Have fun :)

Normal delays shall resume after this update.
by Paul 14/05/2001 - 16:41:38 (
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5 lovely maps:
MisDM10 - Terra Incognita and MisDM11 - Gibbage by MisYu.
Under the Influence by DaZ.
Rusted Factory by Qurnel.
Jvdm2 by Vrajgh.

by Paul 13/05/2001 - 18:42:14 (
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Expect 1 or 2 reviews tomorrow evening.

Whilst I'm here I'll mention NPRQuake. Speedy dug it up and made on a post on Qmap about it. Basically it allows various renderers to be written and compiled into external DLL's that the engine can load up. The people involved have already done 3 different renders which are Sketch, Brushwork and Blueprint. Sketch mode is the most impressive out of the 3, although for me I had some trouble running it (as you'll see from the screen shots). Also there is a lack of documentation so make sure you read the blueprint page on their site since its the only one that includes info on how to load the DLL's up.




hey vasquez, you ever been mistaken for a map?
by DaZ 02/05/2001 - 14:30:18 (
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2 up today as well... Whats wrong with me?

agent orange by Malevola and
The Gloomy Lab by Krozor_2000.

The map was in the APC its wasted!
by DaZ 01/05/2001 - 19:47:28 (
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Two new'uns for you all today,
Blizzard 2000 by ParboiL and Shake also by ParboiL. Enjoy...

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