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Archived News for March 2001 Go to top of page
by Paul 25/03/2001 - 18:04:35 (
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Moon Stone by Rotpig
fall 2 by Speedy
Hero´s Keep by Dr.Shoe aka Björn Schuster
Tormentor by Dr.Shoe aka Björn Schuster

On the QLP front, it's slowly, slowly catchy monkey getting there. Latest test version went out earlier in the week and seemed to go down well. I'm currently swearing at pk3 files since I'm putting in Quake 3 Arena support. That probably won't be the last of my bad language though, I've got the bots to sort out next.

Speed Mapping
by paul 23/03/2001 - 18:20:20 (
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I've put up a new site on MPQ. Its for Quake Speed Mapping. Basically you have an hour to make a map in. No prizes or anything, just the enjoyment and panic you get from doing it. There are two map packs up so far and its fairly impressive to see just what can be created in an hour.
As for reviews, I shall have some up this weekend. Apologies to Rotpig etc.. for the wait.

by DaZ 19/03/2001 - 15:38:25 (
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two from me today, stick your eyeballs onto Powder Keg by Mr Fribbles and Twin Towers by Plutonium. Enjoy...

More bunnies
by Fat Controller 16/03/2001 - 04:40:49 (
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Another MutantBunny map, Intergalactic hairdryer. Simple, basic, spooky and needing your body parts scattered about it.

Attack of the MutantBunny
by Fat Controller 12/03/2001 - 04:30:11 (
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So there I was, boredly eyeing all the submitted maps and this MutantBunny attracts my attention. However at the moment his site seems a bit flaky so caveat emptor...


Dr Bubba's Left Nostril

The cogs are turning...
by DaZ 06/03/2001 - 14:29:58 (
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Two new reviews up today, have a look at :

Death comes swift by BlackHawk and

Campgrounds by Jeff McWhorter.

by Paul 04/03/2001 - 18:23:20 (
Comments (0) Go to top of page  
Elek's Coagula II : Flesh and Vondurs brand spanking new map blood vampirizm and sadism.

one up
by DaZ 02/03/2001 - 14:52:16 (
Comments (0) Go to top of page  
Abcool by Austin. Discuss...

by Paul 01/03/2001 - 18:24:14 (
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A compact couple this evening:
MisDM9 - Art of Spawning by Michal 'MisYu' Skinder
Birmingham's Hottie #15 by Cheshire

Thanks to Stefan Caesar for emailing me and telling me the site was running like shit a couple of weeks back :). I think I've got it sorted now, the code for working out the total visits has been very slow and so added 3 to 8 seconds onto loading times. For the time being I've removed it but I'll look into properly correcting it later.

And Februarys irc stats are up. Thanks again to Scampie for the master logs from the evil go4tbot g0atbot (damn you Scampie :P).

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