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Archived News for December 2000 Go to top of page
Colour changing magic
by Paul 23/12/2000 - 20:43:12 (
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I got a little bored so I've made the site automatically switch colours on certain dates. And since its Christmas, everything has turned red.

If anyone has any suggestions on colour schemes for certain dates then email me and I'll see what I can do.

Expect some new reviews in the next day or so.

Finally, he reviews
by GrindSpire 23/12/2000 - 03:09:51 (
Comments (2) Go to top of page  
Lilith by Vondur.

Click here.

(Yes that is the entire update =)

Tweaking again
by Paul 16/12/2000 - 18:41:41 (
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Just been fixing some of the site code again. Its been having some problems recently with funky formatting. So you can now safely put <>'s in the titles now and the long line parser is a bit better. The limit for what it cuts off has been extended so url's will appear.

And thanks to lots of pestering from excessus (evil Spanish person with large beard) and Vondur (his countries currency is wooden dildo's) I have fired all my #terrafusion chat logs through mircstats and produced this lovely month by month list of them all. I'll probably update it each month as I get a full months worth of logs to go through.

Whilst on the subject of stats and such, Fern has compiled a list of piss funny one liners from #tf. So go take a look:

by Paul 14/12/2000 - 18:30:27 (
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I couldn't think of a title for this news item, so here are 3 reviews:
The Grim Citadel by Dean
Somewhere in the north by Kornel [QurneL] Paszkowski
Reinc4 - Phrenesie by GeN aka Sebastian Bentler

I was just thinking about the Reincarnation mod early. I've been playing the maps, obviously (and if GrindSpire doesn't hurry up I'll review the 2 remaining maps), and thought how little coverage it got when it first came out. Obviously I wasn't taking a big interest Quake when it came out, but I don't remember all the fuss about it, say like when UKPak came out. The maps in the pack are excellent. The only bum map in there from a playability point of view is Gonzo's Warfare 3 conversion. Its unfortunately something people have missed out on I think.

4 from me
by Paul 11/12/2000 - 17:57:38 (
Comments (0) Go to top of page  
Get yah chops around these:
Oandu by ELEK
Reinc3 - Dysaesthesie by GeN aka Sebastian Bentler
Pretty Hate Machine by Gom Jabbar
Le Jardin by Fern

Gravy-Stained Fun Remnants
by Fat Controller 11/12/2000 - 05:40:38 (
Comments (1) Go to top of page  
A mixed trio again...
Ravages of Sanguine by Kona
Fortress Behind Forest by Joe Hunter
WAsterS DooM by Waster

You know, some people say my personality is too wierd for them. Heh. They should see the other three.

by Paul 06/12/2000 - 19:08:42 (
Comments (0) Go to top of page  
The first review of CardO's first officially released Quake map, Attack Vector.

by Paul 04/12/2000 - 16:26:52 (
Comments (0) Go to top of page  
So ok, its not two brand spanking new reviews. More like one edited one (albeit a bit late) and a new one.
Dazdm12 Special Edition by DaZ
Fried Potatoes and Pineapples by Kayin

by Paul 03/12/2000 - 17:43:47 (
Comments (3) Go to top of page  
Thanks to Fern for posting one of the most evil posts ever (on the Perpetual Energy review), when it comes to the use of <'s and >'s. I hadn't done any code so it would parse them properly so his post turned to shit. Since its nice to read peoples posts, its now fixed.

Now speaking on the fuss caused by the Rich_Bar and Perpetual Energy reviews. The focus of this site is to review maps of any quality, but if a map is bad, very bad, we'll write a harsh review back. Its not something we hide either, this is mentioned in the Contact & Help thread.

We do try to give fair reviews but it has been known for our rather temperamental reviewers to slaughter bad maps.

and it is also mentioned when you submit a map:

3. Make sure the map is properly finished. The last thing we want to see is half baked shit, because one its not fun to review and two it will make you look bad.

The point I'm making here is that when you submit a map, think about the quality of it. Is it at least up to the standard of what came with Quake? Is it something people will download? Is it something people will want to play?

It's a bit annoying to think you've spent more time reviewing a map than the time it took to make it. So as way of compensation, we do write some nasty shit. I understand fully it is disheartening to the author, but really, should the map have been released? The only suggestion I have is to work at making maps until you have something that is at least of id standard (which admittedly compared to the best custom maps out there isn't too hot). By all means ignore my suggestion but the results of it have been clearly shown over the last few days.

PS : A couple of reviews will probably appear tomorrow evening.

GrindSpire reviews a map!
by GrindSpire 02/12/2000 - 06:52:34 (
Comments (0) Go to top of page  
Yes, I have actually reviewed a map, unfortunately, the map sucks arse, but read the review anyway. You might learn what NOT to do when making a map.

Read the review

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