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Archived News for October 2000 Go to top of page
by GrindSpire 29/10/2000 - 17:44:06 (
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I have returned from holiday, and brought a review of efdm13 - Double Vision with me. Check it out here.

Oh, and I had great fun on holiday thank you

Just added an evil counter...
by Paul 28/10/2000 - 22:48:38 (
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...because I reckon the stats I collect are all arsed up. So it'll be interesting to see what it comes out with and compare it.

by Paul 28/10/2000 - 08:50:50 (
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4 new reviews up:
BlackPopes Cure for Sanity and BlackPopes Middle Finger by, err.. BlackPope.
Fried Potatoes and Pineapples by Kayin.
Main Core by QurneL.

Hopefully some more reviews coming tomorrow.

Comments on Beta Section for Site.
by Paul 27/10/2000 - 07:04:42 (
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killazontherun suggested in the Comments/Suggestions thread about adding a Beta Section to the site, kinda like LvL :). My only reservation is that there may not be enough maps being made to make it worthwhile doing it.

What are everyones comments on me going ahead with this idea.

by Paul 26/10/2000 - 14:18:00 (
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A big apology to Daz for yesterdays review of Dazdm13. I forgot to put a damn score on it so it came out with no score. Sorry about that. I meant to put 3.0 out of 5.0.

Errr... I did promise something.
by Paul 25/10/2000 - 18:39:41 (
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So here is a review. Dazdm13 - Black Deception by Daz. Expect more soon since I just have the reviews to write up for all the pending maps, except Efdm13 and Auhdm1 since GrindSpire is reviewing those.

Also a quick correction to Monday's news about the BMW concept car. It's the Z9 not C9. The C9 is some bloated ass ugly rep-mobile from Shitroen Citroen.

Right, Im back.
by Paul 25/10/2000 - 08:53:40 (
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I'm currently at work, but I'll put some reviews up this evening.

Double Doh!
by Paul 23/10/2000 - 04:12:56 (
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Ok, so I didn't get back early enough to put some reviews up.

The Motor Show on the other hand was pretty damn cool. Unfortunately seeing the new American designed, German built Mini in the flesh confirmed it for me, its absolutely awful. Other than that there was nothing particularly amazing at the show (except the new Porsche Carrera GT and a bizarre looking concept car from BMW called the C9) but it was cool to go sit in various very expensive cars that I'll probably not be able to buy :). Oh and Jo Guest was there with some other page 3 bird, which was nice.

Anyway, the second doh is because I'm going to be away in London until Wednesday this week, which stops me again from doing any more reviews.

I promise though, I'll put something up on Wednesday.

Slow moving
by GrindSpire 22/10/2000 - 08:39:58 (
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Things are going to be going slightly slower this week as I am going away till Friday. Where I hear you ask, I am going white water kayaking in North Wales and I am going to get very wet :-)

I'm sure Paul will be doing some reviews while I'm away, and as soon as I get back I will start reviewing again. Feel free to submit maps while I'm not here and make my life harder, I won't hate you for it.

Erm, I would do an update today but...
by Paul 22/10/2000 - 02:32:13 (
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...I'm off to Birmingham to the MotorShow at the NEC, which knackers my plans to get some reviews done. However, if I get back early I'll at least put a couple up.

Also one final thing, since we've already had one mistake with submitting maps, I'll make things prefectly clear. We review QUAKE DM maps only! Not Quake 2 or Quake 3 Arena. Not sure if thats explained anywhere on the site but I'd have thought people might have worked it out from all the screen shots... Oh well.

Tweaking and breaking
by Paul 19/10/2000 - 19:50:00 (
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Just been fixing some good old site bugs whilst adding new stuff that will probably bring in new bugs :).

So whats new? Well the Last 50 Comments list and the ability now to Reply To specific comments. These are then logged so that when a person comes back to the site they'll see what replies they have.

Bugs wise, well the user list is now split in two since the old double list was just nasty. The rest is misc stuff you'll not notice.

Reviews and idle chit chat
by Paul 18/10/2000 - 17:17:52 (
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3 new reviews to read. 2 oldies and 1 new. Frib's Death by the Dozen, DaMaul's Temple of Tanktarta and Thy Neverending Pain by Deathmonger.

Some site news. I'm working on adding reply to code for the comments and a comments list type thread thing so you can keep track of what's been added since people are putting whack comments on some of the old map reviews (yes, I can see what you're doing there at the back, especially you, excessus and Vigil).

I also had an extensive chat with El Blackpope last night about adding user votes to reviews like LvL does (funny because the site was originally going to be based of the code of LvL =)). Anyway, here are the results of that:

[22:18] Paul|coding: i wonder if its worth doing votes on maps
[22:19] BlackPope: hmmmm
[22:19] Paul|coding: whatcha reckon?
[22:19] BlackPope: it's never really honest
[22:19] Paul|coding: you mean its rigged :)
[22:19] BlackPope: xactly :)
[22:19] Paul|coding: can't say i ever used the one on LVL
[22:19] BlackPope: yah i nvr bother
[22:20] Paul|coding: i don't go back to a site after I've downloaded a map
[22:20] Paul|coding: to complaint about it
[22:20] BlackPope: hehe
[22:20] Paul|coding: coz thats basically what it is
[22:20] Paul|coding: dl it, play it, go back and give score
[22:20] Paul|coding: imagine if rocketman came back
[22:20] BlackPope: rofl
[22:20] Paul|coding: him and his buds would rig the votes to buggery
[22:21] BlackPope: yah not worth it... doesn't accomplish anything
[22:21] Paul|coding: wh00p!
[22:21] Paul|coding: 1 vote for, 2 against!
[22:21] Paul|coding: i like those odds
[22:21] BlackPope: hehe less work

I'd have to have more people asking for it before I went ahead with it.

New reviews - Old maps
by GrindSpire 16/10/2000 - 18:06:56 (
Comments (2) Go to top of page  
I have just added two new reviews. They are of some slightly older, but very impressive levels. The first is Painful Memories by Auhsan and the other is Esprit de Corpse by Excessus. Check them out as they are both very cool maps.

Fixing stuff
by Paul 16/10/2000 - 12:52:08 (
Comments (7) Go to top of page  
Ok, I've been going through fixing and adding various things that have come up. So heres a list:
  • Coloured score numbering. Old site had 5.0=red, 4.5=orange, 4.0=yellow. Slight change to that since red on blue is blinding. All scores above 4.0 are in bold and are 5.0=orange, 4.5=yellow, 4.0=white.
  • Comment numbering is fixed.
  • Spaces removed from cgi links. Ownx spotted that problem. Shouldn't really have been a problem since the site ran on Kables Linux box in NutScrape, but better to be safe.
  • Visit counting should be sorted... I think.
  • Some proper stats on the stats page, see whos been reading what.
  • Change to User List. Now does two lists. One in alphabetical order and one by total visits. Goetzenzar asked for that.
  • Shouldn't download the cgi file when you've logged in/created an account anymore. Whoops...

Other things I ain't doing:

  • Screenshots of better quality. Since I'm only on a weedy 56.6k modem I have to upload them and the difference in size was shown last night when GrindSpire tried to send me nearly 10Mb's worth of jpegs. When compressed it came to 3Mb. Bit of a difference!
  • BSP Name in title. I'd like to that but that means an extra field for people to fill in.

Things that people noticed:

  • Moving screen shots. Bet that freaked some of you out first time that happened. Its deliberate and its something I wanted to add to Inspection but the ASP scared the crap out of me.
  • Knackered download links. I expect a fair few of those. So if you spot one, email me and I'll try to sort them out.
  • It filters out chaff in the titles. Stuff like ', ", etc... Its just a bitch to tidy up the SQL afterwards so I just do a pre-parse and take it all out :)
  • Reviews with no screenies. I went through a phase of removing them. Doh! I'll be putting them back in slowly and replacing the naff looking ones as well.
  • Cartoon icons, /me slaps excessus. I like 'em. They're not changing.

And since someone emailed about where the old site is, here are some links to it :
Funky Index.
Internet Explorer.

Welcome back!
by Paul 07/10/2000 - 18:44:19 (
Comments (27) Go to top of page  
So 5 weeks later after a short discussion with Shambler, here it is. MPQ is back. So what's new? Well the design is obviously new and also the site is now powered by cgi so things are more searchable and easier to find, I hope! As an example, the last 10 reviews are listed on the site bar, so you can easily see what's just been added to the site.

All of the reviews from GrindSpires website, DMQ are all in here. I've also put up 5 new reviews of Naked6, Trondm2, XL1DM5, XL1DM6 and Rewired1 and GrindSpire has 2 new reviews of Pope2 and Mjdm1Pro. Click here to see all the new reviews.

We now have comments and the little notepad with the bracketed number is the number of comments on an item. All items, whether they are news, reviews, rants or interviews can have comments on them. If you disagree with something we say, then comment!

The majority of the old site content is in here. All the old news and reviews should be in here but if you spot anything that's missing then drop me an email and I'll try my best to sort it out. The same goes for the Featured Author Interviews, which are now just catalogued as Interviews. Mixed in amongst those are the interviews done for UKPak map pack. The rants also return and I've included my various ramblings from the old Peej'n'Frib's website.

So what to expect? Well, we have a HUGE stack load of maps to get through! A year has passed and a lot of great maps have appeared that need to be added to the site. What is different this time around is that we no longer accept emails for map submissions. You now submit your map into the site and this then goes onto a Pending Reviews list which people can look at and see what is next up to review. We will also be actively searching for maps as well. A big thanks though, must go out to Shambler for providing me with a sizably chunky list of maps that have appeared in the last year.

GrindSpire is now on board as well and he will be sharing the reviewing duties with myself. We hope to provide more frequent updates due to fact that its not a pain in the ass to get the reviews done since all the formatting etc, is done for us by the site. The updates will probably be shorter, but if you visit every so often there should be plenty to read.

Thanks should go out to the various testers who checked out the site and showed their dislike of the new colour scheme :).

If you have any comments then either post them on the "Comments/Suggestions" thread or email either myself or GrindSpire.

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