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Please note that updates before the year 2000 are from the old MultiPlayer Quake site and have been entered on the site purely for entertainment value. They've been put in exactly as they were on the old site (except for screen shots) so any listed site links are probably wrong and some of the colours will look plain awful. You have been warned :)

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Its all over for the moment
by Paul 03/10/1999 - 10:35:43 (
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Going, going, gone!!!
Well here are your LAST Quake reviews here at MPQ. I've tried to tidy things up and cover all the maps I got in but some people just didn't give me all the info I needed so I binned their emails.

Yes, thats right I'm closing the site. I'm not interested in anybody taking it over. Closed is closed. You usually get these big ass speeches when people close up sites and I'm not going to be any different.

Its been enjoyable running the site for just over a year now but its time for me to move on. I'm not leaving entirely, I'll be hoping to get Inspection kick started and going again. Multiplayer Daikatana is also something I'm looking forward to doing. Theres also the column on PnF which I'm going to filling with all sorts of rambling BS. And the Quake DM LOTW.

The reasons for the site closure are rather simple. The first reason is the golden oldie of I now have a full time job and my spare time is now somewhat limited. Basically I can't hope to do 3 sites at once, and I feel that out of the 3 this is the weakest. Its had a long run, gone through 3 owners, 3 face lifts and 9 reviewers (myself included). The site is fairly well maintained and theres plenty here for people to browse through. I'm not going to bother sorting out the Quake 2 stuff, I'll leave it as is, a testament to how fucked up things where on that side.

I'm also sick of looking at crappy Quake maps. It amazes me the amount I got, given the games age, you'd think people could make decent maps by now! Oh well. That said I'll probably be looking at crappy Daikatana maps soon =). Thats a new game though and I want something new. I also just feel though its time for a change, I've made a right mess of recent events here and basically want to go onto something else. The Quake scene is still going strong and there are loads of quality maps being made. There is even a Quake MOD in works, the Nehahra Project, which looks brilliant. I hear a certain, younger brother (Kable), is running the website part of it all. Git!

Coverage of good maps is extremely good now so reviews of those maps here seems somewhat odd and un-needed. Also I'm getting a little tired of writing MPQ Quake reviews, its basically ended up being a formula of choice phrases and I'm sure it is that interesting for you to read. Also who downloads the bad maps? From people I talk to they don't bother with anything less that 3/3.5. Not much point in reviewing them in the first place is there?

Now who to thank. Well the people who visited the site regularly, you're a pretty quiet bunch, when I asked for feedback on things I didn't get any but the stats showed people kept coming. Very odd. Also I'd like to thank the idiots who ask really daft questions, you people really lighten things up. Some of the things you ask about really crack me up.

Individual peeps, well this is easy. Skorpion for being such a damn cool bloke, providing me with a constant supply of Omicron routes for all our favourite maps. Pingu and Aardappel for helping out when the going was tough and also for your advice on various stuff. Peej, news hound and asp guru. Whenever I asked for something I usually got it. Monsto, why you ask? Well I got on with Monsto and he was extremely helpful with loads of different things. Also Fat Controller for doing all those Your Reviews which without his input would be particularly empty section of the site.  And Shambler... can't think why though. Also anyone else that was helpful in good old #terrafusion.

Well thats basically it, if you enjoyed the site then that makes it all worth while. Thank you for visiting! If you feel like shouting at me or whatever, then email me. Also if you're really bored you may want to check out an in-depth rant on why I'm doing this, then pop over to my PnF column.

There is some final site stuff I've done, so scroll down for all that.

Other News
One final thing I've hooked up, Rocketman is doing some your reviews. Pop over there for full details on that.

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