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Archived News for June 2001 Go to top of page
Quake is 5 years old!!!
by Paul 22/06/2001 - 18:15:25 (
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Well I can't believe it's been 5 years. I remember playing the test demos on my 486 dx2 and p100, and thinking wow! And also thinking how crappy my dx2 was with its 4Mb of ram. I also remember the first time I saw MPQ when it was run by Warren Marshall (now works at Legend Entertainment). I'd religiously come each weekend to download all the maps (yes, all of them). One of the high points was seeing Escher's De Bello Quakero get a 5 out of 5 and just being gob smacked by its looks. It still looks good today and that map is nearly 4 years old!

Ahh fond memories...

Knock, knock...
by Paul 11/06/2001 - 16:56:05 (
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A quadruple lashing of reviews:
Balls to the Wall by Yogi
Enigma by XeNoN, aka Rich Thorne
Q3..Q2..Q1..ANd..FRAG.!! by Dr.Shoe aka Björn Schuster
Armatron by Morgoth
More reviews to come <bal>soon</bal>. Also the QLP site should be up this week and the program shouldn't be too long after that.

Other news, I downloaded Valve's DMC (DeathMatch Classic) mod for Half-Life. I dunno what to think really. It doesn't feel like Quake and I've never been a fan of id's maps so I was a bit under whelmed. Maybe if/when people convert their maps across I'll check it out again, which actually brings up a good question. Does anyone want to convert their Quake maps to run in DMC? From reading a couple of HL sites actually HL peeps don't seem to keen on it so I'm not sure whether it'll take off.

Keep on moving
by paul 04/06/2001 - 19:06:39 (
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I've finally CGI enabled the Quake Speed Mapping Site which is a big chunk of work done. I'm fairly happy with the results. The site design needs redoing but the code for it is pretty good and would solve lots of the problems I've had with MPQ, hence I'm going to use it when I redo MPQ.

What this means is that I'll now get some reviews done this week so poor old Card0 won't go without his fix of Quake reviews for much longer.

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