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Archived News for April 2002 Go to top of page
Thank you
by Paul 22/04/2002 - 14:25:09 (
Comments (14) Go to top of page  
Thank you everyone for your kind words on here and on Qmap. It makes me feel warm and gooey (in a good way).

The state of play is as follows. The MPQ archive will be going on PlanetQuake. There is quite a bit to sort out so it'll take a while. I do intend though on correcting any broken links for maps (since I have them all, yes even the bad ones), and they'll most likely be going on FilePlanet.

Since #tf stats are of the utmost importance, all 3 of you will be glad to know SleepwalkR has very kindly provided me with hosting for my own site, so that’s where they will go.

Reviews wise, Drannerz need not worry. There will be some midweek. If anyone is interested in writing a review for a map on the pending list, so that the site can close with nothing pending, then just drop me an email.

by Paul 17/04/2002 - 14:56:16 (
Comments (14) Go to top of page  
I'm closing the site… for the final time :). Everything will disappear on May 30th. I'm looking into putting it somewhere permanent, but I’m not sure what will happen.

The reason? A lack of interest on my part. If I was being totally honest I've never really got back the enthusiasm I had when I was running the site first time around. Time wasn't really an issue; if I'd had the interest then there would have been more updates. I've found I spent more time away from my PC, which doesn't seem so odd when I spent 8 hours a day in front of one at work.

I must thank DaZ and Fat Controller (again) for their help. Shambler should probably get thanks too since he helped getting the site up and running a second time. As for the pending reviews, I'll see what I can do, but I make no promises. On the Quake coverage front, Religion Quake will be back soon so you'll not miss anything.

by Paul 15/04/2002 - 14:37:31 (
Comments (5) Go to top of page  
Expect some interesting news later on in the week.

Pesky Fecking Russian
by Paul 02/04/2002 - 09:19:49 (
Comments (7) Go to top of page  
I think Vondur is losing his touch. There were only 3 insults in his latest email to me, which were capitalistic ass, lazy bastard and BASTARD!!!! All of which means, its stats time kiddies!

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