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Archived News for April 2001 Go to top of page
by DaZ 29/04/2001 - 12:22:26 (
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Sorry for the delays recently but we have all been busy on various things. Here is a review of MutantBunny's latest :

Some later Easter eggs...
by DaZ 20/04/2001 - 14:45:53 (
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Got some nice maps for you today :) Check :
Dr Bubbas Right Nostril by MutantBunny and :
Condemn by ParboiL.

Ssssh, be wery, wery quiet I'm hunting wabbits.
by Paul 17/04/2001 - 17:58:28 (
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Here are 2 this evening, The Wind Haunt and DeathWorld which are both from IronHammer.

After some discussions with MisYu and Daz the format of the reviews will change slightly. MisYu suggested the LvL style but we've gone for a compromise. Instead of having a few paragraphs they've been shortened to one long paragraph like the LOTW on PlanetQuake. The idea being it'll be quicker to write them… but we'll see about :).

Since the last mention of the Speed Mapping site we've had 5 more sessions with a total of 33 maps created! With each pack the quality of the maps has gotten better and if you're interested pop by the site for more info.

Breaking the silence
by DaZ 11/04/2001 - 21:28:00 (
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Debunk by ParboiL.

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