Toasty 3

6 to 10 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Thursday 2nd September 1999 @ 12:00am

Levels with traps, I hate them. There are two traps in this level. One is where the floor disappears to give way to a lava pit. Its in the middle of the screenshot. The other trap is a where the switch for lava trap is. Basically a big hammer comes down and knocks a load of health off you. Also the lighting is a little too bright.

The map is textured in a mix of DM4 and DM6. Its consistant and looks ok. The map does seem a little bear though in places and I did occasionally get stuck on the frames around the doorways.

In the screenshot shown R_SPEEDS can hit 700-800 which when there are 9 other players it can cause jerkyness. To make things playable I tried 4 players. This was really good fun and kept the action going without causing any slowdown. Its only the central room of the level which has excess R_SPEEDS and since most of the fighting took place in the surrounding corridors it wasn't a problem.

2.5 out of 5.0

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