The Divine Enigma

2-4 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Saturday 28th November 1998 @ 4:15pm

Its refreshing to see authors making maps with different texture sets. Although this isn't an original texture set, (its was used in episode 2 of Quake), it makes a pleasant change from the slew of Ikbase/Red brick levels I've seen recently. Chosing different textures doesn't make a good level though. What Kaiser has done is make some excellent architecture. Better than id's efforts.

The map is intended, I feel for 1-on-1, and as such with more players it is a little cramped. Play seems to be dictated by surprising people by appearing from teleporters. I feel that their placing isn't very good. People just jump out infront of you. But once you get the hang of the teleporter placement you can dominate here and its good fun.

4.0 out of 5.0

Download 189Kb - 654 downloads | readme | Kaiser | no author site

#1. The camera adds 30lbs. ^

by Fern - Wednesday 3rd January 2001 @ 12:31am (

WTH, I downloaded this map just so see how something as butt-ugly as those screenshots could get a 4 and it's actually not the badly-aligned-idbase-lakeside-bungalow-in-a-box in the screenshots but actually one of the coolest maps I've ever seen, between the combination of E2 secret level textures and some E3 metal influences and ├╝berl33t brushwork.

#2. Errr, well you see, funny story... ^

by Paul - Wednesday 3rd January 2001 @ 10:49am (

I am stunned frankly. I dunno what I was on back then but you just see from the screenies where the texture misalignments are.

/me hangs his head in shame.

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