Warfare1 - Stabilized Warfare

2 to 8 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 25th October 1998 @ 12:00am

Having a name change during beta testing hasn't changed the fact that this is a superb map. Done up in red brick with other familiar textures you'll feel right at home.

The level is built around a massive 4 storey room with interconnecting passages and corridors. You would think that with the level being fairly big that it would not work as a 1-on-1 map, well you would be wrong. Its open layout makes 1-on-1 the way to play.

No where in the level do you get stuck, no sharp jutting out bits. Just smooth walls. An example of how to make a excellent map.

5.0 out of 5.0

Download 217Kb - 1006 downloads | readme | Gonzo aka Christoph Werner | no author site

#1. 0wn ^

by Fern - Friday 8th December 2000 @ 1:16pm (

This map was responsible for the coolest thing I ever saw in a DM. The first time I played it, i was on the uppermost floor toward the end. I shot a rocket all the way down. It hit some guy just as a grenade went off and blasted the corpse -straight- up to the sky (equivalent of five or six storeys IRL :)) and back down again, the most hang time I've ever seen from a dead marine :)

#2. Cool Cool Cool ! ^

by Ashley Lauren - Sunday 19th August 2001 @ 5:32pm (

You would think from a map this large that four or less players would be boring ! But the layout makes it a great Frag-Fest ! I love tall maps and this is one of the tallest without being to much air. The thing with this map is it's got so many inter-connecting passages that work so well. You never feel lost and you never lose the other guys for very long. Very smooth flow of play. Excellent !

#3. E1M8 - Ziggurat Vertigo Settings Version ? ^

by Ashley Lauren - Sunday 19th August 2001 @ 5:37pm (

I would love it if there was a version of this map with the E1M8 - Ziggurat Vertigo gravity settings. :-)

Y has there been no other maps with those settings ? :-|

#4. because ^

by DaZ - Wednesday 13th February 2002 @ 7:46pm (

the gravity settings are hard coded into Quake unfortunately... :/

Changing gravity for a map would mean creating a new progs.dat to run it with the correct gravity setting... Grrr

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