Spank me AGAIN!

1-on-1 players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 30th August 1998 @ 1:20pm

This is a compact level done up in a mixture of Dapak and ZtnDm4 textures. The mixture of textures and styles work really well. The map consists of 3 levels around a central room. Each level has a different style of texture, all of which appear to be aligned. Lighting is excellent too, all come from a source.

The framerate is high due to low R_SPEEDS which is good. As far a play goes, its very quick. Nearly all of the time the other player is in view meaning a lot of quick shooting matches. Scores are racked up fairly quickly and I certainly found it fun. Now even though its meant for 1-on-1, for a real frag fest try it with 4 players. Just make sure you're playing deathmatch 3!

But, (theres always a but!) there is one thing that annoyed me. Its because the level is so small I feel theres no need for a Quad Damage.You can be killed 5 or 6 times in row because someone has it. Without the Quad I'd have given a 5. I played with the Omicron bots and turned powerups off and it was a much fairer fight.

As it stands its a fast paced, smart looking level which I recommend you add to your collection.

4.5 out of 5.0

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#1. Cool name. ^

by Zucca - Wednesday 17th January 2001 @ 7:39am (

That's it!
I have not played yet, but I will download this later.

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