Cbadm2 - Kaffe & Kaka 2.0

2-8 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Wednesday 1st December 1999 @ 8:02pm

It has taken me so long to review this map that its actually gone up a version. I'm glad it has too, the new version removes a room with crates in, which looked very out of place, the Quad damage was replaced with a Megahealth and the floor texture changed. All these changes make for a better map. This is an excellent 1-on-1 map. A 4 player FFA is good fun too.

Theres no escape in this map, the layout is such that you can't stand still for long (goodbye campers!). Its like DM4 in that in that map you have to jump to get the Quad, well the same is true here for the Megahealth. Also I like the red lights along the bottom of the walls, nice touch!

4.5 out of 5.0

Download 136Kb - 596 downloads | readme | Cybear aka Bjorn Aneer | no author site

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