Qurnel's Frag

1 on 1 players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 15th August 1999 @ 6:09pm

Its little gems like this that make reviewing enjoyable. To come across a map like this is a surprise. It seems since his last map, Qurnel's Mine 3.5/5, he has taken maybe a little bit of the advise I gave. Heres what I suggested : Qurnel shows improvement with each map I see and I think as time progresses we could see some good work. Some time spend looking at and using more detailed and varied architecture and textures could provide the key.
Well this map is certainly an improvement.

Style wise its mixture of Excessus's famous textures (which I see no credit to the Excessus is given on that, tut tut) and the rtexs which are Hexen 2 textures, I think. Anyway, its all nicely put together. It is similar to p3a - Domination in that it has that medieval feel to it. There are also quite a few nice touches in there. There are some flags which drape down in the middle section of the map. Then there are the small nail heads shown popping out of the wooden floors. A very Unreal style touch. Architecture is varied enough. The author has also done well to break up the monotony that was a big problem in kikdm5, which shared one of the wall textures used here. Some coloured brick has been put in there with some wood and stained glass textures which all come together well.

The layout is centred around one big atrium made up of three floors. Its also pretty open and if you keep around there you can easily see what is going on. As such r_speeds are a bit of problem here. As mentioned the mid-section is very open so they go up to the 600-800 mark. If you're on the top and bottom floor then its not a problem but as I found you really do spend a bit of time in that area.

If you can cope with the r_speeds you get a pretty playable map. Ammo placing could do with being better because it all seemed to be in big clumps of 3 boxes. You will also find yourself keeping tabs on the lower area of the map due to the MH being down there. Thankfully there is no ammo down here and only a GA down, so you can't camp it out down there.

I'm a little unsure about the player load as well. A little checking showed that there are 5 pieces of armour which to mind is overkill for a 1-on-1 map. I tried FFA as well and I found that it was just as enjoyable, but maybe at times annoying because you could end up getting accidentally knocked in the lava.

4.0 out of 5.0

Download 576Kb - 656 downloads | readme | Kornel 'QurneL' Paszkowski | Author Site

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