Meds - Medication Time!

2 to 4 players | Reviewed by Paul - Thursday 12th August 1999 @ 1:01am

A set of Quake reviews would not be complete without an offering from rocketman and here it is, his latest offering Medication Time. Styling is different from what I've seen before, but the nice cobbled floor of basic5 makes a welcome return here. I also see a fairly realistic looking wood texture has been used on the ceiling. The architecture in general could do with more detail and be more chunky but as is, it all works pretty well.

The map is made up of two three layered atriums. Which are very closely connected. There is cool looking curved corridor similar to that in Pingus p3a - Domination, which connects one side of the atrium up. The other side is connected via a little pool of slime which gives a good audio clue as to where the other player is.

The bots took to the map very easily and I found them jumping from the upper floors across on to the MH and RA's pads. FFA is possible here, but I felt more at home with the map in 1-on-1.

The stable diet of tricks and traps return. This time in the form of the Quad trap. As you can see in the second shot the Quad is quite a way bad. Now it is just about possible to strafe jump across but for me didn't work every time. I found rjumping far more successful. Once you grab the Quad there is a little catch. A metal criss cross gate flies down and blocks you from leaving. Any alert players will soon realise you're trapped and give you a good pounding for you cheek. This little trap then renders the Quad pointless since getting it usually resulted in death. Which is actually a good thing because the map isn't that big and it really shouldn't be in the map.

The spotlights look a little odd given the way the map looks. Not sure they really fit in. They could also do with being func_illusionary because there are a couple of them where you can get snagged on. I also spotted some faint cracks in the curved corridors, I'm not sure if it was tearing or bad brush alignment. Either way it was weird to see. Things are getting better though =).

3.5 out of 5.0

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