1 on 1 players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 1st August 1999 @ 10:11pm

Well I loaded this map up I thought I recognise this... after a quick walk round my original thought was confirmed. Its a vague copy of the map in the IHV q3test. Its not exactly the same, but you should recognise it. For those unfamiliar with that map, it consisted of a fairly small outdoor area with a square walled section in the middle. There are two curved archways are either side of this wall section which give you access into this central courtyard. The difference here is that whilst that section is in there, it has been added to. A maze of walkways has been put in to.. does it enhance things? That I'm not sure of. What was a nice tidy simple map is now a sprawling mess.

The scale is about double that of the original and as such suffers from r_speeds in the 700 mark. Also the author has place a huge clip brush at the top of the walls. This prevents people jumping on top and camping. Its a nice idea but annoying. You see if I wanted to get from the ground floor onto the first floor I'd usually rjump, thing is I'd usually hit the clip brush and my jump would be shortened. Not good.

Its not much fun to play. The main strategy I came up with was to go for the RL (situated at one end of the map) and then go on a shooting spree.

0.5 out of 5.0

Download 244Kb - 555 downloads | readme | Jeff McWhorter | no author site

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