Impdm1 - The Devil's Toolshed

2 to 8 FFA players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 1st August 1999 @ 9:52pm

Nice looking map here. It has a dark tone to it what with the dark blues, greens and browns used in the textures. Architecture is good, plenty of detail but nothing amazing. The layout is interesting. 3 double level atriums which are very closely connected. A couple of corridors and lifts connect things up nicely. There is a very odd set of hexagonal rooms with some token items in there. The corridors go in an L shape with the entrances being diagonally opposite. They seems very bizarre.

Everything is done on a big scale here. What with the rooms being very big and open to the lift... yes the lift. Its hexagonal in shape and it is huge, like a dinner plate. Nothing wrong in that, its just that I found it odd! Whilst on the subject of niggles, the floor texture on the upper ledge doesn't look right, but that’s just my personal preference. There is also a DM spawn which faces a wall which is a bit annoying. Its in the middle of corridor I was on the end of couple of lighting bolts and ‘nades without even the chance to see who hit me.

1-on-1 worked quiet well which is surprising given that the map is fairly big. Its probably down to the fact that everything is so well connected that things went so smoothly. There are no teleporters so no unexpected appearances happen. Which makes a pleasant change. When you hear someone picking up items you can pin them down and know that there is no real way of escaping.

FFA is also very good. Very frantic. Lots of action.

3.5 out of 5.0

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