Saving Private Ryan

8 players | Reviewed by Paul - Wednesday 28th July 1999 @ 8:35pm

Read the map title again. Yes, thats right this map is based on that block busting film directed by Steven Speilberg starring Tom Hanks and other over paid coronies. When I read the title I had an image of the battle scene from the movie with the beach stretching out for miles, and the troops running onto beach from the drop off vehicles, with enemy mortars landing.

Of course that was completely shattered, no scratch that, it was completely decimated, when I loaded this map. The layout is thus. A big rectangle, much like Two Castles, except the floor slants upwards. At the bottom is a boat in water which you jump of. Then theres the beach which slants up to a bunker at the top. There are a few barricades there to stop you, but only if you're stupid would you hit them. Once you're up to the building you can climb on top and get the MH and some other items. There are some cells here which have been cunningly overlapped so they look like one huge box of cells, when in fact there are just 3 small ones. Now once you've done this you go back onto the sand and into the bunker. In here is an RL, rockets and some other stuff. At the front is a big window, and this is the hard part so pay attention, you strafe left and right and aim rockets at the boat, because, and this is the best bit, all the player starts are in there!!!

Now just to show you have fun this map is I've done a demo of me playing it! I rack up about 50+ frags in about a minute. Amazing!

As you can see there is no score. It doesn't deserve one. Its rubbish. Just to finish with, the author says in the description "A kick ass multi-player level!". Well let me say this, if I see anymore maps like this from you, I'm gonna kick your ass. Two is enough!

0.0 out of 5.0

Download 134Kb - 792 downloads | no readme | ZpEeF | no author site

#1. LOL =) ^

by Shambler - Thursday 2nd November 2000 @ 8:35am (

The last paragraph in this is still one of the all time best reviewing moments =)

#2. Those barracades... ^

by satanix - Sunday 3rd December 2000 @ 4:29pm (

Those barracades are there to stop tanks from landing on the ocean, not to stop troops from passing. Those metal barracades go into the ground a good 10 feet, and a tank cannot take a line of them out fast enough before it is quickly disabilitated by enemy troops.

#3. DMSP ^

by orloprat - Monday 18th June 2001 @ 1:38pm (

It's actually kind of fun if you run it with Ardappels DMSP mod. For about a half hour. If you've been drinking.On hard it's insane.Try it then dump it.

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