Two castles

4 to 8 players | Reviewed by Paul - Wednesday 28th July 1999 @ 11:55am

Must vis map. That is the first thing that sprung to mind when this beast appeared. R_speeds rippled in the 800 mark which is ok if a map has some detail in but this doesn't, the reason it jerks (which is unbelievable given the hardware I'm running on) is simply because it has not been vised.

Brush alignment is none existent. Lighting is horrid. The textures used are disgusting. Playing it is a nightmare. Navigating round this is terrible. Hit this, knock that. Getting into the castle areas requires rjumping to get over the walls. See the lookout area on the wall in the left screenshot, well once you're in there you can't get out. Bad, bad, bad.

This map is so bad that it gets the mark of :

Yeap, grade "A" tripe. Avoid!

0.0 out of 5.0

Download 169Kb - 957 downloads | readme | ZpEeF | no author site

#1. Shcool boy ^

by Lord Graga - Thursday 3rd May 2001 @ 3:40pm (

Hi hi.. once upon a time i make a Quake2 map who looks like this, but it was fun to play it anyway.

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