4 to 6 players | Reviewed by Paul - Friday 9th July 1999 @ 8:34pm

Quirky is how I'd describe this map. The texture set is a real mixture. The walls are in a grey metal plate texture with a sort of brown mud type floor. There are also touches of wood and dark strafin textures for good measure.

The layout is interesting. The area in the first screen shot is the centre point for the map and consists of about 4 levels. Progress from the bottom is made via two blue coloured slopes which circle round the room and almost criss cross over each other. It feels very raw and to be blunt is just messy. Now surrounding here is a maze of curved corridors. I use curved in the weakest sense though, the angles of the walls are just too sharp for it to consisted properly curved.

There are a couple of odd things in this map. First off are the two wind tunnels in the surrounding corridor areas. You have an upper corridor with two holes in the floor. One is an entrance which fires you downwards into a room below. The other is an exit where people pop out of. Its just very weird to have them right in the middle of the corridor!

Now what really confuses me is the push trigger hidden underneath a wooden door in the central area. It pushes you up into the sky which then teleporters you to a ledge situated half-way up this room. Weird!

Play is ok but the funky looking surrounding put me off.

2.0 out of 5.0

Download 261Kb - 520 downloads | readme | Arnaud "Dilvish" Mousnier-Lompré | no author site

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