CCTDM1- Base Desires

6 to 16 players | Reviewed by Paul - Friday 9th July 1999 @ 8:23pm

I had this funny feeling of deja vu when I loaded this map up. After a bit of looking about I found I'd already played this map a while. How odd. Anyway this map has been made for the ClaraNET Custom Map league, which if I'm not mistaken is a UK isp.

Its a pretty large map with the over riding theme being base style. A couple of areas digress from this with a library type section done up like DM2 and an outdoor section with wooden bridge and grey brick hut (see second screen shot). There are some interesting pictures on the walls showing various Quake enemies ripping the poor old quake marine to shreds. Some of the architecture is messy with odd bits of walls and floors which stick up and hinder movement.

There are also loads of little traps and secrets. I'm not a fan of these at all since it gives an unfair advantage to the person who knows the map best. Here is an example of one of them. There is a room which contains an RL (the room through the window in the left hand screenie). A crushing device can be activated either by shooting that big ass ClaraNET sign or shooting a small switch. What happens next is that this huge block sweeps across the room killing anyone in there. That is if you don't know where to stand.. If you keep to the side of the room with RL you will see a little cut out in the block which you can get into. Then when the block moves back you go with it and are transported into a hidden room, which contains a teleporter (to the pentagram of protection).

Throwing some bots in made for a rather bland playing experience. With some play against human opponents it might have been interesting, as it is its nothing special.

2.0 out of 5.0

Download 804Kb - 799 downloads | readme | Overlord.UK aka Phil Webb | no author site

#1. pld ^

by Lordy - Thursday 19th October 2000 @ 4:17pm (

Cool map fs :)

#2. ida ignores titles ^

by ida - Thursday 19th October 2000 @ 6:55pm (

Actually need about 20 mates to play with on this one }:) And the squishy room is fun when it's full.

#3. Lordy ^

by Lordy - Thursday 19th October 2000 @ 7:01pm (

yea, it seemed empty with 16 on it fs, you always get a bit carried away with your first on tho fs (muff muff) :)

#4. Fun Map ^

by Stimps - Thursday 19th October 2000 @ 7:38pm (

Hmmmm... Thrash = LOTS of lagged modem players pill spamming and generally looking for easy ways to frag... I always enjoyed this map myself - always something happening... not like most people didn't play it before the match anyway, fs.

#5. heh ^

by oldman - Thursday 3rd January 2002 @ 4:09pm (

heh heh heh

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