HJDM1 "Kittiwake"

2 to 6 players | Reviewed by Paul - Friday 2nd July 1999 @ 1:37am

Bigfoot heads in a different direction from his last map. Gone are the funky pieces of architecture and what we have here is a more focused effort. Its splattered in selection of Quake 2 textures.

The architecture is pretty simple, and the textures do most of the work of implying detail. The circular cyan coloured liquid telepoters are cool.. The knock on effect of the simple architecture are some very low r_speeds, I couldn't find an area which topped the 400 mark. I did notice something odd though, every single item pad is up against a wall. Not sure as to why though...

The layout is based around the most detailed section of the map, which is shown in the first screen shot. Its fairly symmetrical and easy to work out. These surrounding corridors are wide and give plenty of room to move about. Lighting looks very functional and does very little to enhance the map.

The map is actually fairly spread out so 1-on-1 is not going to work. As the author suggests 4 to 6 is where things liven up. Item placement seems a little messy, with it all being placed up against walls and in corners. Not really a problem but it does makes you look like an idiot as you run down corridors hugging the walls to grab some ammo.

3.5 out of 5.0

Download 278Kb - 539 downloads | readme | BIGFooT_47 | Author Site

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