Chaos Theory

1 on 1 players | Reviewed by Paul - Friday 2nd July 1999 @ 1:34am

I'm really not sure about the textures used here. I think the problem is the mixture of over bright textures which just seem to stick out. First there is the red strip lighting which is used along the bottom of walls. Then there is the light blue water in the player starts and the purple sky. These are particularly bright colours which when put together with the other textures in map, just donít seem to gel together very well.

The dimensions of the map seem to be cramped and unforgiving. You really have to keep things under control here. Letting the other player in will mean you get beat up pretty quickly. The Quads placing makes its very easy to get to. Its one of the reasons why this map seems so unbalanced. Once you get it, its just a matter of time until you get your kill. There isnít much space to hide in.

As is the norm with Hot Cakes maps there are lots of nice touches and innovations. The teleporters are of particular note. Big brown metal grate cylinders with light blue liquid rings which move up and down the teleporter. Another nice touch was the grates in floor which let you see metal tubes running underneath the floors.

3.5 out of 5.0

Download 291Kb - 517 downloads | readme | Hot Cakes aka Eddy Dawson | Author Site

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