4 to 8 players | Reviewed by Paul - Friday 2nd July 1999 @ 1:12am

Castle style map which looks to be embedded in rock. Texturing is pretty good, all very consistent and fits the theme well. Architecture is very blocky and pretty bland. It also suffers from some areas just being too big and open, in the first screenie the r_speeds jump up to the 900 mark. Lighting is also a little too bright and also seems flat.

I was a little unsure as to how the map would play and was pleasantly surprised. Due to maps open layout its very easy to navigate and so the bots had no problems at all... well except when they found the lava. 4 peeps is good. Very smooth and fast. 8 is a little more frantic.

There are a couple cheesy things in the map such as the Quake logo. It seems to be there just to fill some empty space. I'm also not sure that a pentagram of protection should be in there. From getting that you can quickly get Quad and hand out a serious kicking.

3.0 out of 5.0

Download 396Kb - 847 downloads | readme | KamiKaze' aka Kenny Coughlan | no author site

#1. bloody great map this ^

by KamiKaze - Saturday 6th October 2001 @ 9:18pm (

wish i could make maps like that

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