Death Parade

2-8 players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 13th June 1999 @ 5:39pm

Interesting map here. There are exactly 2, yes 2, DM starts. One is where I am stood in the first screenshot and the other is up above that patch of water which you drop straight through, because the water is just a thin block which gives way to an almost pitch black room with a LG and teleporter in.

Dominating this map is a piece of piss. First make your way up onto platform shown in the left hand shot. On here is a RL and some rockets. Then go back across the room (you can't see this area in the screenies) and grab the MH, the SG and the 8 rocket paks. Now stand on here and strafe left and right and litter this main room with rockets. Frags galore!

All of the action took place in this area with nobody even bothering to venture to the section shown in the second shot. Infact that screen shot is probably the only time you'll see it!

So its basically a very boring map to play. You'll either be the one handing out a beating or taking it. Either way it gets boring very quickly.

1.0 out of 5.0

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