Well of Souls

2 to 6 players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 13th June 1999 @ 5:34pm

Fairly simple layout. Central hexagonal room with several floors going of this area (see first shot). The top of this room is covered by a criss cross of wooden bars. You can see this area in the second screenie. Access to here is via the back of one of teleporters. Hint: its the only teleporter you can get round the back off. Your reward for getting up here is a bit of ammo and an ideal camping spot. Some clip brushes could easliy have stopped that. What is good though is that there are no powerups here so really there is little point to going up here. What is bad though is that the powers are liberally scattered throughout the rest of the map. I counted 1 Quad, 2 MH, 1 Ring Of Shadows and 1 Pentagram of Protection. A potent mix.

The textures used are similar to that of e2m3. Architecture is very simple and again blocky. DM spawn points are easy to spot because they're on these weird grainy sand textured pads. There is particularly bizarre room which you sometimes start in. In here is a RL, RA and a Pentagram of Protection. Someone who starts here can really dominant the map. Lighting is ok. Theres a couple of odd spotlights with no source, but for the most part its all sourced either from torches or the sky.

After wandering around I chucked in a few bots. 4 in FFA is pretty good. 6 is more interesting. Even though the majority of the weapons are in here you'll find that the LG and RL are what you'll be using. Reason being they are situated very near to the central arena and this is actually where most of the fragging took place.

2.5 out of 5.0

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