Baldm5 - When the Beast Prevails

2 to 6 players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 6th June 1999 @ 6:25pm

Now this map was never meant to be part of the baldm series, it was originally meant for a map pak being put together by Killjoy. Unfortunately though it never went ahead. According to Bal the map is older than the good old qboard! After a little bit of searching I found I still have a copy of a crusty old beta from back in Janaury =).

Since that beta there has been a re-jigging of the items and some cosmetic changes. Now the style of this map has come from a set of textures which Killjoy created. It looks extremely cool and looks in some respects similar to ukpak4.

The map is made up of 3 double/triple floor atriums which are connected via a network of teleporters and corridors. There is also an underground section which is littered with wooden crates and boxes. The teleporters have a pretty cool design but I really hate the pulsating light they give off! It adds nothing and then only thing it does is piss me off. Another thing I quite liked was the grey grating which ran along the walls in certain areas of the map. I did noticed though, that their texture alignment was pretty shocking =P.

Playwise its another FFA map due to its size. 6 is what I found to run comfortably and gave the most interesting game. I also suspect you could play this map in teamplay since it is split up into different sections.

Guess what? Yeap, you got it, another route file as provided by Skorpion.

4.0 out of 5.0

Download 320Kb - 725 downloads | readme | Bal | Author Site

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